It’s been ONE of those weeks…

However, there is some good stuff out there… has two good infographic articles up thanks to Sam and Cassandra!

Gun Control Laws and Enforcement Trends 

Accidental Shooting Statistics 1979-2023

They’re pretty intensive, but have very good information in both reports. And they do list the resources so you can go look at them yourselves!

I’m busy with the BBQ competition this weekend at the Legion, so there will be light posting and commenting…


TGIF… — 5 Comments

  1. Hope your submission gains good recognition and a good time is had. Cooking competition are a good time use. Learning AND Fun.

  2. I saw the one on accidental shooting stats yesterday – thought the data would be more useful if it was listed as per capita per state as opposed to the raw numbers listed. It also listed NC as a permitless carry state, which it isn’t (yet – working on it!)
    The one on gun control laws seems a bit limited as well – doesn’t show the 1994 ‘assault weapons’ ban on one chart, for example…

    The very recent Hawaii Supreme Court case is so badly reasoned it is laughable. They said the “Spirit of Aloha” overrules the Supreme Court decisions in Heller, MacDonald and Bruen – those justices, like many of those in the 9th Circuit and elsewhere, only want to follow the rulings of superior courts when they agree with them. A very dangerous trend.

    Enjoy the BBQ!

    • Received mail back from OldNFO confirming that yes, that’s the flyer for the BBQ competition he’ll be at.

  3. jrg- I’m going grunt work, not competing! I know better!!!

    Tom- Good points, thanks!

    Ag- Yes!