And now it begins…

We’ve hosted this event for five years now, and it’s just kept getting bigger…

So we started yesterday afternoon putting out the ‘final touches’, even as the early birds started showing up…

Yes, the ‘little folks’ participate too! This lonely trailer belongs to a family of 5, who sleep in their van overnight. Last year, he won one of the major prizes!!!

And the toy haulers started rolling in…

Our little silent auction tables, which are really all we make off the competition!

But we do sell tickets for our gun raffles! Rifle, pistol, and shotgun, three drawings in late Oct!

When I left yesterday evening, we were up to 25 teams already, and a number of pros were pulling in, including a 2023 Jack Daniels National Champion!

I’ll be back in at 0530 to help cook breakfast for the cooks (and they don’t even complain about the quality of OUR cooking)!


And now it begins… — 8 Comments

  1. Sounds like a good time will be had. Have some well earned bacon for me.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Yep. you can tell you are in Texas when you see “Gun Raffle”, LOL wish I was there, I would buy a ticket or three 🙂 Have fun

  3. Of all the weekends for me to have lousy travel weather … Y’all have fun!

  4. At 0530, anything hot and plentiful. It’d be worth getting up that early and cook breakfast for that tasty, tasty BBQ.

  5. B- Sure!

    jrg- We did sausage, biscuits and gravy, eggs to order, and/or pancakes.

    Bob- LOL, yep!

    Matt- Sorry!

    TXRed- Dang!

    Tuvela- Point…LOL