Before I get to the post, we got through the BBQ okay, with 33 teams competing! Good food was enjoyed by all, and congrats to the winners! And my butt is draggin…

Now the news- Denver v. illegals…

As Denver cuts funding for American citizens’ jobs and programs to keep supporting illegal aliens who shouldn’t be in the country at all, the city’s Democrat mayor is whining about Congressional Republicans.

PJ Media’s Rick Moran reported that Denver was among the cities cutting costs to deal with the flood of illegal immigrants who continue to invade this country with minimal to no vetting under Joe Biden. The Epoch Times also noted that Democrat Denver Mayor Mike Johnston blames Republicans in Congress for the cutbacks, since GOP congressmen (at least temporarily) killed the disastrous border deal. In other words, Johnston refuses to admit that his city is wrongly welcoming and prioritizing illegals with taxpayer money; instead, he demands more taxpayer money to cover for his Party’s financial foolishness.

Full article, HERE.

Sooooo, just like NYC, Chicago, and California, they are cutting services to actual CITIZENS to pay for the illegals in their ‘sanctuary city’. Meanwhile, it’s all the Pub’s fault…

Talk about not washing worth .02 cents…

And I wonder how many of them will vote in 24 for the dems so they can keep sucking at the US tit and sending most of the money they get back to their home countries?


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  1. Hey Old NFO,

    The Media will spin it in favor of the donks and they will bury the other stuff and the sheep will yank the lever and sent those grifters back in for 2 or 4 more years, and yes the illegals will send the money back to their home countries. That is why they are encouraged to migrate to “el norte” besides sending the excess people away, it is a great way to get foreign currency back in.

  2. It’s interesting that the dimocrats have no better strategy than to blame conservatives for the problems that their liberal policys have created AND that far too many people BELIEVE it.

  3. Can undocumented immigrants get health insurance in Colorado?
    Undocumented individuals wanting to enroll in health insurance plans can purchase full-price Colorado option plans through OmniSalud. Generally, people with TPS can enroll through the regular Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace and access financial assistance for coverage.

    Legal US residency no longer required for Colorado benefits
    Axios › News
    Jul 12, 2022 — The estimated cost for expanding eligibility to immigrants is $12 million a year, according to a legislative analysis.

  4. Yup. The border bill proposed is far too little and far Far FAR too late. Three and a half years of open border and NOW they want to do something about it ? For what – credit for stopping illegal immigration.

    And the legislation proposed giving $$$ to the UKRANIANS, not the southern U.S. border. Just a token amount for U.S. border security..

  5. It’s important to consider legislation on immigration over campaign hype. “Open boarders”, “invasion”, and “treat to our national security” on immigration has been the GOP’s top warning since Biden took office. So let’s take a look at the actual wheeling and dealings of the now dead deal.

    Republicans got, well, pretty much everything they wanted, even more. Here’s some GOP reactions:

    “To those who think that if President Trump wins, which I hope he does, that we can get a better deal — you won’t. To my Republican friends: To get this kind of border security without granting a pathway to citizenship is really unheard of. So if you think you’re going to get a better deal next time, in ’25, if President Trump’s president, Democrats will be expecting a pathway to citizenship for that. So to my Republican colleagues, this is a historic moment to reform the border.”
    —— Sen. Lindsey Graham

    “There’s absolutely no way that we would get the kind of border policy that’s been talked about right now with a Republican majority in the Senate, unless we get a 60-vote majority, which isn’t going to happen. This is a unique moment in time.”
    —— Senate Minority Whip John Thune

    And Democrats got, well, nothing. None of their policy goals were in it which explains the above reactions. They conceded everything in order to “close the boarder”, stop the “invasion” and protect “our national security”. And Biden openly swore to use the new law to shut down the boarder on day one.

    But then, Trump said no. “As the leader of our party, there is zero chance I will support this horrible, open borders betrayal of America. It’s not going to happen, and I’ll fight it all the way”.

    “I think the border is a very important issue for Donald Trump. And the fact that he would communicate to Republican senators and congresspeople that he doesn’t want us to solve the border problem because he wants to blame Biden for it is … really appalling,”
    ——Sen. Mitt Romney

    “This proposal would have had almost unanimous Republican support if it weren’t for Donald Trump,”
    ——Sen Todd Young

    So why would Trump torpedo such a bipartisan bill that was a wish list for his party? I’d say his 2016 statement explains it: “You know, if it gets a little boring, if I see people starting to sort of, maybe thinking about leaving, I can sort of tell the audience, I just say, ‘We will build the wall!’ and they go nuts.”

    Trump doesn’t want Dems to kill his boogeyman. He wants a flooding boarder to campaign on against Biden. Trump and Republicans truly became the party for open boarders last week.

    ‘’ Every day, between now and November, the American people are going to know that only reason the border is not secure is Trump and his MAGA Republican friends. It’s time for Republicans in the Congress to show a little courage, show a little spine.”
    —-Joe Biden

    • If the Democrats were happy with the bill, it was guaranteed to be harmful to the nation. That’s all I need to know about the bill.

      “Everything the Senate Republicans wanted.” Which is to be given a slightly better seat at the Democrats’ table.

  6. Denver has never, IMO, been a bright and shining city (and I’ve lived in Denver). Corruption is an institution. Anything the elected leaders do is akin to putting lipstick on a pig.

  7. I truly believe in a pathway. It is just and fitting. It is fair and balanced. It is deserved in every sense. But it will never happen. A pathway to deportation, that is.

  8. It’s easy to be a sanctuary city when you’re just doing it to throw the bird at Republicans- AND they’re doing their best to keep the border closed.

    BUT when you actually have to BE a sanctuary city because of Democrat policy- it sux and it’s all the Republicans fault.

  9. In the past I’d say the victims of these politicians are getting what they voted for and what they deserve. Since 2020 we know that’s no longer the reality we live in. We’re ALL going to get it…good and hard…no matter who we voted for.

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