I don’t care which team you were rooting for last night, that was one helluva game!

And it became obvious that they didn’t ‘fill’ all the ad slots! They were replaying ads in the OT.

I”m sleeping in this morning, y’all go read the folks on the sidebar!


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  1. I didn’t watch all the game (realistically probably about 20 minutes of “TV on game channel”). Only saw one commercial which was remotely good and that was Ben Affleck’s Dunkings. That was funny.

  2. I watched the Super Bowl and the amount of time that was spent on ads, pushing celebs, and then the massive half-time show just ruins the game for me. I like the game but not all the extras and it has gotten worse year after year.

  3. Hey Old NFO

    I quit watching pro ball when they started that kneeling crap, when I have people living better than 99% of Americans, telling me how oppressed they are and I have to be ashamed of what my ancestors did and because I’m white I suck, and they started playing 2 National Anthems, one for the African Americans and one for everybody else Naaa Hard Pass. And the commercials used to be really good started to be real preachy instead. Bring back the Clydesdale horses dangit. Sorry to be ranting all over your blog there OLd NFO, kinda a sore subject for me, and I used to be a hardcore fan, until they brought politics into it.

  4. All- Yep, lots of ‘hard feelings’ and I can’t say you’re wrong. But the game itself was good. And there was one Clydesdale ad!!! I used the commercials and halftime for smoke breaks, so I didn’t see most of them! LOL

  5. I checked six times.

    Neither of the Hockey games yesterday went into overtime.

    The lies associated with this Hallmark holiday “Superbowl Sunday” are out of control.

  6. I loved playing football as a Kid.
    I enjoyed watching it for a while.

    The I figured out it’s Billionaires paying millionaires so they can sell Cheetos and Fords.

    Quit watching when the common taters irked me. Don’t miss it a bit.

  7. Why all were you watching the game to start with? I haven’t heard that they fixed the woke bullshit that got the big backlash going against the games. I was thinking that the big viewing numbers were faked, but maybe not, judging by the comments here. I’m disappointed in the public response, but not surprised, I guess.

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