Who are we???

Are we peons to the elite?

Or are we ‘flyover country’ and only deserve to be denigrated and ignored by our ‘betters’ on the coasts?

We do pickup trucks, boots, and cowboy hats. And we know about oil, cows, and how to raise, butcher, and cook things. And we don’t think the stuff in grocery stores comes from trucks…

Most of us have travelled, not necessarily by choice, since a simple trip to the store can be 20 miles or more, not down the block to the bodega. A lot of us have also served in the military, or were ‘military adjacent’, e.g. military kids/family.

And yes, most of us believe in God, guns, and country. We don’t care about the color of a person’s skin either. It’s what they are inside that counts for us (that military thing again).

We want our children to be educated, to know readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic, and civics too! But we also appreciate those who work in the service side of things, as most of us, at one time or another, have been one of those people.

We value family, and the ‘family’ we choose to associate with. We will help folks at the drop of a hat, knowing that there, but for the grace of God, go us.

And we try to live within our means, although as inflation hits, that becomes harder to do each month. Either that, or I’ve grown so strong I can carry $100 worth of groceries with two fingers (well, it WAS only two bags…sigh).

Given the choice, we always prefer to laugh, not cry, and prefer to live our lives quietly, with dignity, and left in peace.

But if we don’t have that option, we do have other capabilities…

Thank you for attending my TED talk…


Who are we??? — 20 Comments

  1. Perfectly said. Bravo! Describes most of the people I know!

  2. We don’t care about the color of a person’s skin either. It’s what they are inside that counts for us (that military thing again).

    Skin color is a reliable tell of culture. Stereotypes exist for a reason. In a race war, your skin is your flag. Every other race on Earth knows this to be true.

    • “Skin color is a reliable tell of culture. Stereotypes exist for a reason.”

      There are always exceptions. Skin color is an indicator, not a controlling factor.

      Living in a city that’s got a large (not quite majority, but close) percentage of black population, I’ve personally known many whites who’ve adopted the predominantly black “thug” culture.

      Being retired military I’ve also known many blacks who don’t exhibit those cultural traits and work with several young black men I’d feel perfectly comfortable with asking to babysit my kids (if I had any young enough for that) or watch my house while I’m on vacation.

      Stereotypes exist for a reason indeed, but you can’t rely on them to be 100% accurate. Approaching someone with caution based on skin color is understandable, but final judgment about a person should be based solely on the content of their character, to paraphrase a wiser man than me.

      Being Black doesn’t make Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell any less worthy any more than being white makes Bill Clinton or Jeffery Epstein any more respectable.

    • McChuck: Wait, I is confuse.

      Does “Every other race” mean 50% of all races or does it mean every race other than a race which you did not specify?

      Also, BZ sailorcurt.

  3. We may be a minority, but there are still some people such as those who you describe hiding in the backwoods of even the bluest of blue states. Not sure whether being totally ignored by the elites who run them is a good thing or a bad thing…

  4. ‘Who is conservative?’, ‘what is conservative?’, are questions I find interesting.

    It is a phenomena that exists, and may be worth a single label, but it is also something that I believe may not have a single closed form theoretical formula.

    In particular, the intersection of the people who make their living selling words to conservatives with people who have deeply invested in working with nominally conservative theory concerns me. Mainly this is my feeling of having been burned badly by some people in that set.

    If there are enough conservatives to have a network effect, there are also get along hangers on who are seeking to profit from the network effect.

    Anyway, some times our intuition of what is or what is not conservative is more reliable than a prepared ‘conservative’ theoretical analysis.

    One element that can be enemy center of gravity is academically curated theory obsessives. (There are two sides of the coin of communism. The face is a subset of theory obsessives who are too stupid, or too disinterested in real theoretical work to care that the consensus theory in question is intellectually bankrupt. The other side is people who like hurting people above all other choices, and who pick communism as a way to maximise hurting other people.)

    It takes a lot of experience invested in communist theory to a) believe in it more than the experiences of one’s senses b) have such an ingrained fear of mental deviation that one cannot think through the basic tests that argue against.

    Communist theory is a lot of deeply and profoundly broken ideas. I have used the phrase fractally wrong before.

    It has also contaminated the theory of many/most academic fields.

    If you get any of that academic theory, first or second hand, it can be difficult to work on it enough to not only understand some of the wrong assumptions, but most of them. (Almost everyone in America gets some tertiary academic theory first or second hand.)

    Fractally wrong basically means that if you can see some things which are wrong, and flip those to the opposite, the structure of the idea can still be so wrong that applying it still makes one a destructive idiot.

    1. People who study conservative theory in an academic way can still be deeply broken in their thinking by way of unexamined assumptions about other theory.

    2. Folks outside of academia, who clearly see some of the Great Wrongs of communism, can still fall into obvious traps that the communists set through their influence. The one I counsel against a lot is any sort of aggregate thinking or sorting where humans are concerned. Look at individuals.

    3. My own experience is that I do not pull myself out of holes by theoretical reasoning alone. Fundamentally, Jesus seems to be much more consistent a way of seeking truth, beauty, and goodness. Of course, framing the experience that way is not central to the practices of Christian tradition, and as a recipe contains the mistake of being too much a theoretical approach.

    4. The arguments of political theory? May be a weak horse when it comes to persuasion. Persuasion is the alternative to force, or the complement of force. Force alone does not establish peace, nor a well ordered society. Christ may be the strong horse of persuasion.

  5. Oh, also.

    A. I think that conservatives may well be a majority, and able to restore peace.

    B. I do not think that letting anyone establish themselves as the uncontested ‘police’ of conservatism is likely to cause anything but ruin. Wide tent, lots of flavors with a mutually negotiated peace model seems to be what I perceive. Narrow prescriptions seem to be too easily coopted by identifying a few persons who are authorities or spokesmen.

    • WF Buckley’s National Review was the the arbiter of who was conservative for decades, beginning with reading the John Birch Society out of the movement. We all know what happened to that rag after he died and the con was exposed.

  6. We are not just peons and uneducated (a lot due to the elites attacking our school systems) idiots, but we are seen as future serfs, peasants and slaves by the nouveau feudalists that are our ‘elites.’

    The New Feudalists want to control all aspects of our lives. They want to tie us to the land (lack of movement) and to jobs basically for life. They want to kill off a good portion of us and then run their vast lands or businesses using said serfs or peasants (you will own nothing…) And it will lead to dept-peonage (the company store writ large) which will lead to debt-slavery (you will work off your debt, your debt passes down to your children) to chattel-slavery (you will sell yourself and your family to pay your debt/you and your family will be seized and sold into slavery to pay your debt, and guess what? your debt will be eternal.)

    Thus the way of tyrants ever.

    This is why the ‘elites’ want to restrict our vehicle options, have bought up huge amounts of housing, have introduced ‘farm to table’ as an only option in areas, introduced ‘no meat’ foods, introduced modern whateverism as a replacement for religion. And so much more.

    The medievalist in me is, well, scared poopless about the coming storm. Which will either leave the nation and the world free (and broken, very broken for a long time) or enslaved (and even more broken, very broken, possibly forever.)

    It’s like the end of “Terminator” where Sarah Connor is gassed up, gunned up, and as she drives away you see a storm coming.

  7. Amen!
    And hopefully we won’t be forced to resort to those other capabilities…

  8. Only 20 miles to the store?!? The closest “major” stores to here are 50+ miles.
    The closest city is over 200, pick East, West, or North.
    The closest town bigger than this one South is 400 miles away.
    On the flip side, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a courthouse anybody can walk in and out of, where open carry doesn’t bat an eye.
    And much more…

  9. Beans- Agreed!

    JLM- Amen is right…

    Jon- Well, ‘you’ obviously live in a ‘rural’ area! 🙂

  10. Yes, the elites believe they are our “betters” as the British would say. They know better than we how to live our lives and they aren’t shy about trying to tell us how to live.

    I honestly think they believe everything we do should be “by their leave.” What they fail to understand is we threw off that yoke once and will do so again if need be.