Went a ‘little’ too heavy on the cloud seeding…

Dubai got a bit WET!!!

Just because you CAN overdo it, doesn’t mean you should…


Oopsie… — 8 Comments

  1. They subcontracted to Spurgle Cloudseeding, didn’t they?

    The Daily Mail (UK) has much more on this including pictures plus videos of vehicles almost completely submerged in some locations, courtesy of the Daily Mail (UK):


    • Was clicking “Post Comment” just as I noticed the duplicate reference. My kingdom for an edit button. *sighs*

      More coffee. Definitely more coffee.

  2. How could they get to takeoff speed while going thru that water?

  3. Last time I left the UAE, they had a pretty good rainstorm come by. The road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi was flooded but that stopped anyone from driving while Arab.

    In the roughly 80 miles there were 256 accidents including a number of fatalities.

  4. Ag- LOL, yep, they are laughing up their sleeves at Dubai.

    Steve- They couldn’t. I’m betting they were moving it to a hangar for maintenance.

    Gerry- Gee, that sounds like LA when it rains out there!!!

  5. “Emir, Emir, I found this old lamp in the bazaar. I think it may have a Genie inside.”

    “Well don’t just stand there, give it to me.”

    “Yes efendi”

    Emir rubs the lamp, a puff of smoke and a Genie appears.

    Genie:”What is your wish master?”

    Emir:”My country is in a desert, we have to import our food and build expensive desalination plants to fill our swimming pools. I wish we could have some rain.”

    Genie:”It is done.”

    Genie disappears leaving behind the smell of brimstone.

    Emir looking out the window:”Oh, crap…”