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UPI reports that the British government covered up “a multi-decade tainted blood scandal, leading to thousands of related deaths, a report published Monday found.”Britain’s National Health Service allowed blood tainted with HIV and Hepatitis to be used on patients without their knowledge, leading to 3,000 deaths and more than 30,000 infections, according to the 2,527-page final report by Justice Brian Justice Langstaff, a former judge on the High Court of England and Wales. Langstaff oversaw a five-year investigation into the use of tainted blood and blood products in Britain’s healthcare system between 1970 and 1991. The report blames multiple administrations over the time period for knowingly exposing victims to unacceptable risks…

In several cases, health officials lied about the risks to patients… The NHS also gave patients false reassurances, an attempt to “save face,” failing victims “not once but repeatedly….” The situation could “largely, though not entirely, have been avoided,” Langstaff found…

The British government on Monday began operating a support phone line for people and their families affected by the tainted blood scandal.
The article notes that Langstaff described the coverup as “subtle” but “pervasive” and “chilling in its implications…

“To save face and to save expense, there has been a hiding of much of the truth.”

The full article from UPI is HERE.

I can’t help but wonder how many Americans that were treated in Britain might have been affected by this mess.

Especially since it is obvious this was a long term effort. I wonder how much of this was driven by costs for ‘good’ blood vs. whatever they could get?

I’m just glad ‘I’ never had to get blood over there…


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  1. I am not to confident in the blood supply here in America. Those with AIDS and those that took the jab for Covid are allowed to donate blood and that is why if I ever need a transfusion my daughter will be my donor. Our blood type matches and I will not take any blood from any other source.

  2. The thing is they lied about it for decades not just while the potentially (and sometimes actually) contaminated blood was used but afterwards. As far as I can tell it was almost all the various levels of bureaucrat and they carefully made sure that ministers had no idea

  3. They claim 30,000 infections. That’s just direct infections. What about the peripheral ones from people exposed to HIV or hepatitis, since the person in question would have no idea they were a carrier.

    They are still minimizing the effect.

    I also wonder about the demographics, especially social, of the people who got the tainted blood.

    Socialized medicine.

  4. And some id10ts want to import that system to the US. For others of course, never for them.
    Related question, how sure are we about the blood sources for VA?

  5. Trust. Difficult to achieve, easy to lose when one employs deception and it’s discovered later.

    And it’s always the cover-up that really comes around to bite you in the arse.

  6. Then just to prove the US is not immune (pun intended) to this kind of government cover-up, we have the revelation that Fauci’s office deliberately destroyed records indicating the lab origins of COVID in direct violation of FOIA. But will anyone be held accountable? Not Likely. Fauci will continue to draw his six figure pension, and royalties on the COVID “vaccine.”

  7. This is not the only deadly coverup from the 80s in Britain – for another example, look up water systems where the chemicals were added improperly, killing people. That was covered up because it would have interfered with their privatisation drive.
    There are plenty of others, I’m sure…

    It’s a symptom of the lack of ethics that we are seeing more and more here also.

  8. Reading this after spending 11 hrs sitting in the Emergency Dept waiting for my brother to be dealt with.

    He is on warfarin and his regular INR (blood clotting) test gave a reading more than double what it should be. His Dr wanted him in the ED for testing, counter-treatment and monitoring while that took effect. Not a biggie.Should have been in and out in an hour.

    This is Australia’s version of socialised medicine for you.
    Staff were overheard saying “we have no spare beds”, referring to the ED as a “war zone”, and I’m pretty sure that they were “ramping” – which means keeping patients arriving by ambulance, in the ambulance on the in-ramp, due to lack of space.

    I understand triage. Brother was lower-risk once emergency care was within reach instead of being an hour away, but the system is NOT funded to deal with normal fluctuations in demand. When we left after 0300, there were people who had been there as long as we had, still sitting in the waiting room with IV and monitor.

    Bro has private insurance and it has been a godsend for much of his care. He wouldn’t be without it.

    Maybe it says something about the number of people hitting the ED for things that could gave been covered by other forms of clinic. I don’t know, but the system ain’t working as it should.

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