Well, well, well…

It seems the past has critical information on Antarctica…

A study using a whaler’s forgotten aerial photos from 1937 shows East Antarctica’s ice has been stable and even grown, despite some early signs of weakening.

Extreme weather, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels are all indicators that the climate and the world’s ice masses are in a critical state. However, a new study from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen reveals a positive anomaly.

Using hundreds of old aerial photographs dating back to 1937, combined with modern computer technology, researchers have tracked the evolution of glaciers in East Antarctica. This area, which spans approximately 2,000 kilometers of coastline, contains as much ice as the entire Greenland Ice Sheet. By comparing the historical aerial photos with modern satellite data, researchers determined the glaciers’ movement and changes in size, revealing that the ice has not only remained stable but also grown slightly over the last 85 years, partly due to increased snowfall.

Full article, HERE from SciTech Daily

So much for the Chicken Little BS… The ice isn’t going to melt ‘next’ year, or 12 years or…

Three sets of studies, by three different sets of scientists, over almost 40 years shows ‘minor’ changes but…

The TL:DR- “They have remained stable or grown slightly in the long term, indicating a system in balance.”

Once again actual research has trumped the climate change agenda and ‘heat death’ of the world due to (insert reason here).


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  1. The prediction of imminent-doom-if-we-don’t-do-something is always 10 to 20 years out, just long enough to convince enough rubes that they should hand over their hard earned money for a “solution” that will never be provided.

    At about the halfway point to the predicted doom-moment, the hucksters disappear into the wind with all the money, leaving the duped feeling embarrassed, or worse yet, in total denial about what fools they’ve been.

    Quite predictably, another group of con-men comes around with another story of doom, and another promise of a solution that if you just give them your hard earned money…



    This isn’t just in the doom circles either, you see it in business management fads. We’ll help your business improve dramatically and be so much more profitable. Just follow our standards and practices, which we’ll graciously allow you to pay our many consultants great wads of your money to teach you how to implement, and then you’ll see SO MUCH PROFIT in a few years!

    And of course the consultants finish helping you implement the process, and disappear into the wind with your money, and you’re left wondering when the profit will show up on your balance sheets. The failure is buried and forgotten, until the next bunch come along and dupe management into paying for their latest scheme.

    Every. Single. Time. *deep sigh*

    • I think that viable fusion power, always a decade or two away, is more likely to show up than the climate disaster that is always a decade or two away.

  2. But they told me Antarctica was going to be ice free due to (check notes) freon destroying the ozone layer or something so we here in ‘Murica had to get rid of freon while nowhere else did…

    Yeah. Doom porn of the finest variety.

    Yet there are some melting places in the Ant, but of course that’s due to volcanic activity so…

    It’s very much like the arctic ice that they keep telling me doesn’t exist anymore and yada yada… You know, the same arctic ice sheets that come earlier every year and cover more and destroy more shorelines and and and..

    Weather guessers. They can’t accurately predict the weather 4 hours from now but can for the weather 10, 100, 1,000 years from now.

    • Good meteorologists do exist and tend to get employed where the weather oft gets sporty (tornado alley as an example.) They’re also the ones that tend to have the latest technology to understand and predict the weather, as well as sound the warning when something unexpected (and dangerous) happens.

      There’s also the Old Farmer’s Almanac that uses historical data, solar patterns, other long cycles (like El Nino/La Nina) and geography to predict seasonal rainfall and seasonal temperatures for a year out, and they do a pretty good job of it, coming in at about 70 to 80% accuracy in any given year. I’d have to ran that as “a good bet.”

      Those who claim to be able to predict weather (or climate) longer than that? Well as El Gato Malo once memed: “Dissembler, Dissembler, thine pantaloons have combusted!”

  3. Personally, I think the scientists, and meteorologists, that know the AGW crowd that profess expertise are frauds, should gather all that have profited from the subterfuge, beat them with canes, dip them in seawater at the poles, and warn them of future consequences for their evil. Just exposing them as frauds is not severe enough for their actions.

  4. Ag/TOS- Agreed on ALL counts… sigh

    Beans- Yeah, good luck finding ‘freon’ today… And yes, doom porn, but they can’t get this afternoon’s weather right… sigh

    Ag- They’re ONLY right 50% of the time at best… And yes, Farmer’s Almanac IS more reliable!

    Jess- Concur!

  5. One lie is that ice extent has always been stable.

    It has varied considerably over history, so cherry-picking a recent short-term change and claiming that it is unprecedented, is simply dishonest.

    Another is claiming that variations in glaciers relate directly to current climate. As the multi-thousand year-old corpse found in a European glacier showed, the ice melting at the foot of a glacier may be millennia old. The rate at which a glacier flows- which determines how far it progresses before melting away – is determined by how much snow fell further up the mountain thousands of years ago.

    Not by how much coal was burnt last bloody week.

    Now can somebody explain to me how a 1.5 degree rise in average temperature is going to melt an ice mass that is 40 degrees below freezing?

  6. The “inconvenient truth” that Gore, the left and the rest of the moronic greenies want buried.

  7. Peter- True. We used to check the ice off Pt. Barrow every month during deployment, and that got reported to NPOC. And no idea, much less how it will cause ‘flooding’…

    WSF- True!

    Dan- As usual!

  8. Second try…

    If you wish to know if it will rain or not tomorrow, seek out a meteorologist or weatherman (of the non-terrorist sort).

    If you wish to know the long term climate, seek out a solar physicist.

    If you wish to be told things that are like unto that which emerges from under my tail, seek you a “climate scientist.”