If this…

Isn’t a slap in the face of our troops, I don’t know what is…

The Biden Administration is facing intense criticism after shooting down a proposal to give U.S. military troops a pay raise. 

The House Armed Services Committee’s (HASC) draft of the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) proposed a $24 billion pay raise to enlisted U.S. service members. However, the Biden Administration said that it “strongly opposes” approving such a “significant” and “permanent” pay raise, citing budgetary constraints. 

On the contrary, the Democratic administration recently just approved spending nearly seven times the amount to fund Ukraine’s ongoing war with Russia. 

Full article, HERE.

Right now, E-1s make $12/hr, assuming 160 hours a month (yeah, right)… E-2s $13.43, E-3s $14.11, E-4s $15.64. It’s not until E-7 that the hourly rate actually gets over $20/hr… sigh

If you use a more ‘accurate’ number of hours per month (240), those rates drop considerably… E-1s drop to $7.98/hr, up to an E-4 at $10.42/hr.

HASC’s proposal was a measly 15% raise for E-1 through E-4s to at least get them a little bit closer to the ‘goal’ of getting them off food banks, WIC, SNAP and other programs so they can put food on the table.

Yes, the federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. This rate applies to covered nonexempt workers. The minimum wage for employees who receive tips is $2.13 per hour. The amount of tips plus the $2.13 must reach at least $7.25 per hour.

Last year, with an 8% ‘average’ inflation rate, the military/Social Security got a 5.2% raise, e.g. a loss of roughly 3% against inflation. This year, they are predicting an average rate of 4.5%, and apparently the administration is ‘willing’ to go that high… maybe…

Granted, we know the left/administration/dems hate the military, but dammit, this is NOT the time to be penny wise and pound foolish! Behind on maintenance, lack of new ‘tools’ in all services, and huge issues with quarters on base (contracted and not being maintained properly, what a surprise)…

Where does it end?



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  1. I keep asking myself, “Imagine if the current ruling government of the United States were subservient to a foreign power and were serving its interests rather than those of its own citizens. What would it be doing differently from what’s going on right now?”

    And the answer is: Nothing at all.

    Oh and we have the same problem in Canada.

  2. Congress MUST step up and pass the requested pay raise for the military over any veto the Biden Admin may make. If we have 50 billion to give to the crook running Ukraine we have enough to give our brave men and women in OUR military a raise!

    • Someone has been lying to you.

      The majority of that spending is going to Americans in order to build American weapons and technology. Those are American jobs, rebuilding American stockpiles because weapons and technology have a use-by date.

      That is valuing at replacement cost equipment that would either be demanufactured or just parked in the bloody desert.

      That is how your system works.

      There are no pallets of cash being sent to Ukraine. The nearest equivalent is a gift-card which can be spent at the hardware store, but NOT the bar or the brothel. all of which is audited..

      By all means have a rational discussion about budgets and National Interests. But we cannot do that while people are parroting nonsense.

      • Audited? Laughing so wildly I’m falling down.

        Our Department of Defense FAILS at its own Audits yearly to the tune of billions.

        Audited SNORT, Giggle.

        Do you get paid to promote this stuff Peter W, you seem consistent everywhere I see your comments. Always supporting the current thing.

        I suppose the facts that the penis playing piano player has BOUGHT a multi-million dollar house in Florida as well as a Casino recently SOUND like an Audited GIFT CARD for a Hardware store.

  3. I remember those days, when SecDef put the kibosh on any raises. We were making significantly less percentagewise than today. Some things never change.

  4. When I went into the Air Force, I calculated my hourly pay. Then I remembered I can to calculate it on a 24-hr day, not 8 nor 16 hours. I never bothered to do that again.

    Pro-pay helped me. I received that until I got out.

  5. Ag- Yep, I’m aware of that.

    John- Agreed!!!

    Flugel- Oh yeah, that asshole…

    Mike- Snort, yeah. Same thing for us with flight pay!

  6. I agree up to the point where Ukraine is raised as the comparison.

    The US is spending 2.3%of GDP on Defence, and about 1/20th of that is being earmarked as “Ukraine”, most of which is being spent in AMERICA, paying AMERICANS to build weaponry that AMERICA needs

    If your biggest gripe is spending a very small fraction of a not-very-big Defence budget on rebuilding your technology and stocks in order to deter those who are looking at the US and thinking you are soft, then you are not thinking strategically.

    America has far more wasteful spending habits than this. You are being manipulated by politicians playing you for suckers. You DO have the money for this kind of necessity, but it requires not wasting vast amounts of money on luxury expenditure, feelgood programs and Green Dreams.

    …..and yeah, same goes for us and most of the free world.

    • Guns NOT Butter, where did I hear that before?

      Prussia, Soviet Union, and so on. I might find that if I translate some of Hitlers and Mao’s speeches.

      Frankly when the US Dollar turns into Monopoly Money our ability to BRIBE other nations will cease. Our military expenditures wouldn’t be SEVERAL Multiples of ALL the WORLDS Military Spending.

      We wouldn’t be going into debt even more at the tune of a trillion every 90 days at current “Official” rates. Wanna BET it’s worse than that?

      I think Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t be angry about the US stopping being the worlds police man.

      That WE the Shining City on the hill, still has MASSIVE Homelessness, a near total LACK of Mental Health system, Illiteracy in our “graduates” and children who don’t even get LUNCH when they are out of school (free lunches is IMPORTANT to poor kids)

      AND Peter W spouts we have PLENTY of Money IF we Stop doing “Luxury” Expenditures to DEFEAT RUSSIA and CHINA.

      At least your consistent everywhere you post. The current thing must be supported. Read Orwell’s 1984 recently?

      Are at war with Eastaisia yet?

  7. It ends the same way it always does: After the Junta.
    Never before.

  8. Where does it end? It ends when the E-4 realizes that getting married and having momma pop out several dismounts is not affordable. It ends when the kid suffers through college classes no matter where they’re stuck so they can get a commission and earn a few extra dollars. Better yet, do your term and leave. Then go to school and get into the better programs like ROTC and get back in for the big $. I may be biased but the best opportunities are in the Army with its numerous branches and the opportunity to fly either commissioned or warrant. Younger service members need to be mentored in what’s available to them rather than just painting rocks at Ft Bliss, TX. When I was in, I sent 9 kids to Army flight school at warrants. That was over a 32 year career.

  9. Sorry Jim, the only people who gives a rat’s ass about our military is we Deplorables who have served or whose sons, daughters, and grandchildren are serving.

  10. So what you’re saying is that you wouldn’t or didn’t help the junior enlisted or junior warrants or junior officers in your command to better themselves? We all, without fail cover each other and if some E-3 needs food money, we freakin’ dig deep and cover them. My first command at the company level saw a flow of aid to the troops that almost caused me a divorce. If congress doesn’t cover the troops, it’s up to the leaders to do it even if it means Ramen noodles for months on end. If you’re out of uniform, there’s always AER and such.

  11. Money spent on the military as pay is money no longer available to be stolen and diverted into slush funds and other schemes to enrich the corrupt DC insiders.

  12. The kids are paid nothing and even that’s been cut. You can imagine their enthusiasm for our Beloved Rulers.

  13. And yet, $1.5B of that money we don’t have has just been pledged to Ukraine… by Kameltoe Whore-ass…

    Let’s starve the beast. A nationwide sick-out; the “Blue Flu,” as it were. Not all of us can do this but many can. A couple of weeks of ZERO income tax receipts by state and federal governments will will have them whining like schoolgirls with yeast infections. Take it one step further by minimizing purchases at the same time to deprive them of sales tax revenue. No sots fired, no laws broken, no “snake head” to cut off.

    The money being pissed away comes from US. Let’s not give it to them!!!

  14. All- Thanks! Jim- I only got five of my kids commissioned… sigh I’m a slacker. Tom- If only… sigh