I swear…

They just can’t help but set up all the graft they can…

The Biden administration’s green loan czar is looking to loan more than $1 billion to a green technology company that is connected to his old trade association and his current federal office.

Department of Energy (DOE) Loan Programs Office (LPO) Director Jigar Shah announced Tuesday that his office has reached a conditional commitment to loan Entek, a company that makes electric vehicle components, up to $1.2 billion in taxpayer funds. Entek has supported the Cleantech Leaders Climate Forum, the “sister nonprofit” of a trade group that Shah started before joining the Biden administration and a co-host of a 2023 green energy conference organized in tandem with LPO.

Full article, HERE.

It’s like they know they are going to be leaving after November and are feathering the nest they plan to jump to when they leave…

Especially on the ‘green’ and ‘climate’ sides of the equation. As always, one needs to follow the money to see who is really in control!

I know both sides do it, but the dems seem to not even care if John Q. Public sees if, figuring the swamp will just cover for them and let them go on down the road.

Even more than term limits, IMHO, we need to do away with the underlying unelected bureaucracies that are embedded in DC and a lot of the states. Our system was never designed for ‘professional’ politicians, but based around ‘citizen’ politicians to served a term or two and went back to work at what they did before.

Even worse, Dr. Jill and Hunter apparently ‘stepped up’ and are openly controlling SloJoe’s actions, appointments, and meetings. OBTW, does either of them actually HAVE the clearances to be sitting in those meetings or seeing those summaries?

One wonders…

And now DOJ is apparently fighting voter ID (again). What is wrong with having people prove who they are??? I have to prove who I am with an ID for most things I do in life, and I think voting is pretty damned important!


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  1. Rules for Ecoscams:
    1) Donate money to Dem politicians. (gets your foot in the door)
    2) Get second or third tier executives appointed to Federal bureaucracy as “Subject Matter Experts.” (CEOs are too obvious).
    3) Have the mole in bureaucracy approve billion dollar loans for “climate change.”
    4) After a reasonable interval declare bankruptcy.
    5) Top execs including the federal mole, split government bucks, and get on with life much richer.
    6) Repeat as needed with different personnel and companies. (All the while allowing politicians to claim they’re doing something about “climate change”)

    • While reading OldNFO’s post, I was thinking of exactly this, especially point 4. At some point the taxpayers should demand full audits of all of these failed “investments” and further demand that no more of these EVER be done by government again, because it has proven itself to be a terrible steward of everyone’s money and violated the legal fiduciary duty to investors.

      Trace. Every. Dollar. Find out where they ended up landing, and if there’s a trail back to politicians’ pockets, demand criminal trials for grand larceny, fiduciary malfeasance, violations of the RICO act, anything you think you might be able to make stick. Committing crimes is not part of a covered “official duty” either, so don’t let them use that as cover.

      Oh yeah, and I’d like a pony too. *deep sigh* I know none of this will happen. The system is too corrupt and people are too lazy to go after the criminals anymore.

      But I can dream, can’t I?

  2. Who the fuck let some asswipe named Jigar Shah run anything besides a 7-11 in this country?

  3. Hey Old NFO,

    No wonder we are racking up a trillion dollar deficit spending with bullcrap like this and they don’t even care that eventually our dollars will be as much worth as the weimar republic “Reichmarks” were at the end before Hitler took over and issued new currency after wiping the slate and the republic away. I wonder if that is the endgame?

    I’m getting too old for spicy times but damm I see it on the horizon….

      • AG..

        I think you’ll find tgat Biden can’t announce much “more” unless it has gone through Congress. Politicians have a bad habit of “announcing”spending that has been approved and allocated in the past, as though it is new.
        Then some useful-idiot adds all the announcements up without understanding that he’s double-counting.

    • Perhaps you can explain how you launder a tank?
      Or how the money comes back, after said tank is blown up on the battlefield?

      The whole idea of money-laundering , is to convert money that you *can’t* admit you have, into money that you *can*.

      The idea that sending the old equipment that you *don’t want* to Ukraine, replacing it with new equipment that you do want – and paying an American Company to build those replacements – is a scam, can only come out of Moscow….

  4. NRW- You hit the nail on the head with that comment! All, thanks! And yes, they are scamming everything they can before November.

  5. “And now DOJ is apparently fighting voter ID (again). What is wrong with having people prove who they are??? I have to prove who I am with an ID for most things I do in life, and I think voting is pretty damned important!”

    This. Or eventually nothing else will matter.

    How about a Constitutional Amendment that all Federal Elections shall be held in person and on one day except for a limited list of exemptions, and that all persons filling out a ballot for said election shall provide state issued identification and be checked against a list of eligible voters?

  6. Jim…
    When commenters on this page are trying to divert attention from one seemingly obvious example of corruption and wasteful spending, by banging on about an aid program that is intensely scrutinised and audited ….. then you understand why the corruption continues.

    People are not interested in budget responsibility and integrity. Only Party politics. People who do this will campaign to waste your money on *their* pet projects, as soon as *their* party gets into power.

    It’s one reason why things rarely seem to get better.

  7. NOBODY in the Obama or Biden regimes, including Obama and Biden (and their families, including Big Mike, Hunter, and babysitter Jill), would have been accorded clearances in our generation, Old NFO.

  8. In order to Save Democracy™ it’s become clear to the Uniparty that ballots must be decoupled from the obsolete requirement that to be “legal” a “citizen” must knowingly and personally cast the vote.

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