It’s 0100 in Sydney, I’m bored, tired and waiting on work email, so I was popping through a few blogs and saw that Lawdog via LaFemme had found a Discworld quiz. Since I just finished reading Soul Music on the … Continue reading

My favorite Airplanes

Since everybody ELSE is playing… NRAhab posted an interesting twist on Kim’s meme about beautiful cars. Since I’m off early, I’ll jump in too- Mine are a little different, in that I have personal connections to each of my selections… … Continue reading

Veterans Day

This is a WWII 4″ gun emplacement on Garden Island in Western Australia. The only thing removed were the barrels of the guns, otherwise it remains as it was in 1942. It had communications with a spotting battery located about … Continue reading

I’m so confused…

Now I want one of you LEO’s out there to ‘splain this one to me… And yes, that no entry really is for the right hand lane… sigh… Just one more of those ‘little’ things we are running into out … Continue reading

More from Australia

I can see it now, the puppy is praying- “Oh thank you, thank you for sending me to little Timmy and not to Michael Vick…. I promise I’ll only pee on the paper, and not chew Mommies shoes…” Well, the … Continue reading

On the Road again, part 238

Sunrise descending into Sydney- 90nm NE of Sydney descending through FL 280 yesterday. Well, it’s 0400 here in Perth and I’m wide awake, it’s 9 degrees Centigrade… Must. Do. The. Math… errr… 48??? Yeah, close enough… Lemme see- Thirteen hours … Continue reading

Random junk again…

Well, I had a pretty good blog going, and our entire subdivision lost power, so y’all are getting leftovers… First, let me say my thoughts and prayers go out to those in California who have lost homes, property and memories … Continue reading

Sometimes you just have to wonder…

Well, we have a winner. The auction is over. The final bid remained at $2,100,100. The winning bidder, the high bidder: Betty Casey.Rush Limbaugh auctioned off the smear letter sent to him by dingy harry and 40 other democrap Senators … Continue reading

Idjits and Assholes…

Ever have ‘one’ of those days??? Now I’ll admit I’m a little short of sleep today… I had one today, of course the two hours of sleep ‘might’ have had something to do with it…First the day starts with idjit … Continue reading


Take 80+ people from a dozen different organizations, stick them halfway around the world, throw in one Typhoon, language barriers, multiple locations and still get the job done???Hell yes đŸ™‚Sometimes you get lucky and everything falls into place- Old farts … Continue reading