It’s Alive!!!

Peter Grant’s new book, Rocky Mountain Retribution is live on Amazon! I was one of the beta readers, and it’s a damn good read! Expanding on the theme of the first book, it follows Ames as he grows his business … Continue reading

Peter’s new book!!!

Peter’s got a new book out!!! Hook the picture to go to Amazon! From Peter- It’s been a labor of love for me, because I grew up on a steady diet of what I’d call ‘classic’ Westerns;  Louis L’Amour, Zane … Continue reading

Book Pimping over here…

DaddyBear has his first novel out, set in the world of ancient Rome.  It’s called ‘Via Serica‘. I beta read for Tom, and throughly enjoyed it. He got the details right, and as an Army vet, he described the interaction of soldiers in very believable way. … Continue reading

2nd Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

Fun reads!!! A curated list of authors selected works and put them on sale, just for readers like you. If you’ve been waiting for the next fun read, or for a reason to Read Indie, this is that time. All … Continue reading