ONE of those days?

Travel is “such” fun… sigh…
Everybody thinks travel for work is just like getting vacations all the time on the Government Dollar. Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but travel for work is a pain in the butt (literally). First you waste a weekend day when you could be doing something productive (like playing golf) to drive to the airport, wait for the airplane, wait for 1 1/2 hour while they repair the airplane- Note: MUCH better than NOT repairing the airplane. Fly 4.5 hours to LAX, miss the connection to Hawaii, sit for 4 more hours waiting for the next flight, sit for another 4.5 hours to get to Hawaii, since you’ve missed your earlier flight they gave away your rental car; they finally get you a rental car, and onward to the hotel.

So you’ve finally gotten to the hotel and checked in to your lovely room with a view of the next hotel over… it’s 9 pm Hawaii time, so it’s really 2 am to your body and you’ve now been awake about 21 hours- Congratulations! Now try to go to sleep… and try… and try…

420 am, the cell phone goes off with someone wanting to know why you didn’t respond to the email they sent at 0730 (East Coast), and yes they realize you are on travel, but they need an answer now… ARGGHHHHH!!!!

Are we having fun yet???? So I give them an answer (more or less politely), and try to go back to sleep… no joy, the body is now awake (still on East Coast time ya know…)

Do the 3 S’s, its now 5am… Hmmm food… Breakfast is HOW Much? I’m not paying $27 for buffet, no way… Ah ha, a greasy spoon in the distance, cheap food 🙂 $6 breakfast, and hoof it back to the room, it’s now 7am. Get ready for work.

Time to gather up the cats, IF I can get in the car (must..lose…weight…) 39 back and fills later I get out of the parking spot… two hotels later we now have everyone, off to the meetings!

Five meetings later at two different bases, two pieces of chicken for lunch and finally get back to the hotel… only 10 back and fills to get INTO the $%^& parking space… back to the room and now it’s raining… Just lovely….

Raincoat? Nope… Umbrella? Nope… Hmmm now what… Hello Room Service?

And tomorrow more meetings then back to the airport and back home. Sure this is just a GREAT life… Oh yeah, I did get to see the beach, as I drove by it.

Yes the glass is half full, I’m just not sure of what 🙂

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