Media "Circus"

I wonder about our media today… Above the fold stories and news leads about Paris Hilton-
Inside page or roller hits on the changing of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-

Which is really more important? Little miss rich bitch or the change at the top of the Military pyramid, which is directly entrusted to protect the USA and fight the current GWOT?…. sigh….

Maybe I’m an old fart, but I think major changes at the top of the military are MUCH more important to us, after all, these are the folks putting our sons and daughters in harms way to protect us. General Peter Pace is being relieved after only two years due to political pressure, and because the answered reporters questions truthfully about Gays/Lesbians in the military. He has also been involved for 6 years in the conduct of GWOT, so his confirmation hearings would have been pretty vicious…

Admiral Mike Mullin is a problem solver and a detail man, I think an excellent fit for CJCS, and one who can lead ALL the services forward. He is not a flashy showboat, more of a plodder, but he gets the job done without excessive fanfare. Of course this also will pose a problem for the Navy, in that they now have to reach down to get a new CNO. Here’s hoping they reach down to ADM Gary Roughead, the current Commander, Pacific Fleet. He is articulate, knowledgable, people oriented and honest in his approach to Naval Operations.

Now about the “other” front page story… I only have this to say- Do the crime, co the time… If that were any of us, we’d be in the slammer period, end of subject.

Lastly, an observation on Fred Thompson- For a non-candidate, he’s doing pretty well! He took third place in at least one straw pole, and I believe he will draw support from McCain, Romney and Guliani as he is more of a centerist conservative than any of the other candidates…

He also must be gaining the attention of the democraps, as the negative media has started, including the editoral cartoonists. I honestly wonder how anyone can run for office in today’s media environment, when your life, your family and everything you hold dear is held up for public ridicule and everyone is looking for that skeleton they just “know” is in your closet.

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