Thanks Tiger!

Tiger Woods hosted the AT&T National here in DC this week. It was at Congressional Country Club in Bethesda (near the Navy Hospital). All concerned deserve a big thank you for what they did…

AT&T and Congressional for putting this tournament on in just over 4 months from the start, Tiger for giving 30,000 tickets to the military in honor of his Dad, and specifically inviting the folks who are in both Walter Reed and Bethesda to the tournament. Congressional did a superb job of making the grounds wheel chair accessible and supporting the troops!

By begging and whining, I got a ticket and went today… They estimated 48,000 people were there today, a lot of them military. I was proud of the folks that wore their uniforms, and humbled by the folks from Walter Reed I talked to- To a person, they do not regret what happened to them, they just want, in many cases to get back on active duty!!!!

Right now I’m a soggy crispy critter- It was HOT! 94 in the shade and the humidity was up. I spent most of the day just wondering around, not following anybody in particular, but just enjoying the atmosphere.

I have been to a few golf tournaments, and this had to have been the most diverse crowd I have ever seen. I was standing by the fairway on #7 and talking to a couple of Army Sergeants (both golfers) and we got to talking about the condition of the course- They were remarking on how nice it was and how pretty the greens were, we started talking about cost per round (~$200 as a guest), and one Sergeant said, “Hell, for that I can play for 2 MONTHS at Belvior.” We all cracked up, and actually got frowned at by one of the matrons for our unseemly laughing… Oh well…

Anyway… Thank you Tiger, thank you AT&T, thank you Congressional!

Well Done!


Thanks Tiger! — 2 Comments

  1. After a break from Blogger, I am attempting to catch up on your work because I always enjoy it.

    I envy your opportunity to attend the AT&T National. I have heard Woods interviewed RE: the military and he has great understanding and support. He has gone so far as to say that had he not had the golfing talent, he would be a Special Forces soldier like his father. The kind of gentleman Tiger has grown to become is a direct reflection, I am sure, of his father. This, in turn, goes a long way in showing the caliber of man that becomes SF-qualified.

    I know you are aware of all this. I just think the military connection to Tiger is worth continuing on. Woods seems like such a genuinely great guy.

    Otherwise, good luck on your travels. Look forward to further discussion.

  2. Thanks Steve, hope the DC trip was productive. I’m currently sitting at LAX, headed to Sydney.

    I hope Tiger will continue to interact with the military, and I bellieve he will, simply because he saw the acceptance he got last week.