The collaboration from Matt, AD and Babs is up- This is OUTSTANDING!

If you don’t read it, you will really miss a very special set of stories. They have collaborated on the ‘same’ story from three perspectives- LEO, Paramedic, and RN. Please take the time to follow these links and go read it…

1) Start reading at MattG’s place.

2) Then, continue from AD’s viewpoint.

3) Conclude the story with Babs.



  1. Y’all are welcome… It was a good read at 0400 in Yokosuka 🙂 Trying to log in from Asia is fun. You have to guess which boxes are which 🙂

  2. I do the same thing at the ATM sometimes for a challenge.

    Spanish is too easy these days… thank Gawd WaMu has Chinese and Cyrilic choices!

    Thanks for the link, NFO.

  3. Obviously you have WAY too much time on your hands Matt… Try directions in English, with street signs in Kanji… Can we say LOST!!!! Seriously, y’all did a hellva job on Perspectives, the only thing missing was the fire perspective. It brought back more than a few memories of my VFD days in North Florida. We had a Mr. Clean type too!
    thanks again to all of you.