I feel better now…

A couple of us decided to get out an do something to relieve the stress and frustration, so we loaded up and away we went.

It was time to go shoot something…

Of course it is a ‘little’ chilly up here, 38 degrees when we started but not bad.
I took the big boy toy out to check and see if I had put everything back together right and it would actually hit the backstop.

The picture is the M-24 with US Optics SN-6 sitting on the shooting bench. I was shooting .308 FGMM 168 gr.

As you can see, it wasn’t a real bright day, medium overcast with about 5 knots of wind. We traded off spotting for each other so at least someone was getting warm (and we burned about 1/4 tank of gas), but at least the fingers worked most of the time…

One of the guys was trying to figure out why he had missed two deer last weekend, so we started with him. His first round was 11 inches LEFT of the bull!!! No wonder he missed the deer! Somehow his scope had been knocked seriously out of alignment between his sight-in and first shot, so it was back to square one…

Break out the tools, some disassembly required, and ye olde boresight alignment at least got him a little closer. We finally got him pretty much on the bull, when suddenly intermittent rounds started going 2-3 inches low… WTH????

Rechecked everything, all tight, no slop anywhere. Okay, back on the bench- Two rounds in the bull, then one 2 inches low… One of the guys was picking up brass and noticed there were two different headstamps! Turns out he had grabbed his son’s ammo pouch, which had both 150 gr. and 170 gr. rounds! Mystery solved…

The temp was dropping so I only shot about 20 rounds, but I’m happy with the results.

Target on the left is 100 yards, cold bore dead center, total group .78″ for five shots. Target on the right is 300 yards, cold bore dead center, total group with the flyer 2.95″ without the flyer 2.0″. I’ll take that, especially with the cold and numb fingers!

The gunsmith did an OUTSTANDING job of smoothing the trigger out and setting the break at just over 3lb. This rifle is truly a sub-MOA gun, even with me shooting it!

At this point, it was about 34 degrees so we decided to shoot one round each of plates at 15 yards with the carry pieces and loser had to buy the coffee.

I didn’t have to buy!

I don’t know about the rest of the guys, but I feel MUCH better now (or will when I warm up). Now I’ve got to go clean everything…


I feel better now… — 5 Comments

  1. See, I just take a nap, do a puzzle, or crossword.

    I’ve thought about taking up boxing, though.

  2. LOL- I’m WAY too old to box RT, plus it’s too hard for me to see out of two black eyes 🙂 But it does teach you movement and is an excellent workout.

  3. So, who were you picturing inside the “X” ring when you were shooting? Hillary?? Obama? O’Donnell???