The things we do…

Once again we went is search of food… A chance meeting this afternoon with Kano-san led to directions to his favorite Yakitori restaurant in Yoko, and as always the directions were interesting, to say the least…

Hai (yes), go to the end of the Honch, turn left walk about five minutes, go under the train tracks, when you get to the off limits sign, you turn right. Walk another two minutes, and look for this little sign (he drew the Kanji on a piece of paper), it’s a ‘little’ place on the left called Oo Taka. When you go in, present my card so you will get served.

Soooo, off we went…

And sure enough, there was the little sign (it’s actually about 6×12 inches); so in we go- And he had warned us to get there ‘early’ before the owner/cook got too deep into the Saki…

Now THIS gives you an idea how small this place really was-
There were four of us that filled our side of the ‘bar’, there were four seats at the end of the bar, and four seats on the other side, that was IT!!!

So we ‘manage’ to order with a lot of pointing and nodding, and ended up with chicken, mushrooms and cheese wrapped in BACON and some beef, along with Yakitori Don, which is roughly translated as chicken and rice with veggies…

Here was the ‘stove’, which is basically a little hibachi that was six inches wide and maybe 24 inches long. This was where he did ALL his cooking!!!
Oh yeah, the mushrooms and cheese wrapped in BACON is in the middle of the picture 🙂
He sprayed everything on the hibachi with saki, then dropped a little seasoning on it, and away he went… when things flared up, more saki! And he drizzled a little teriyaki sauce on the bacon and mushrooms, and more saki.

How was it? OUT#$^%STANDING!!!

And we got out for about $10 including the beer… -)

I was a happy camper…


The things we do… — 19 Comments

  1. If I had the sake, and knew what the spices were, I’d be tempted to give those skewers a shot. Bet it would cost me more the 10 bucks though.

    Wonder if I should try it with tequila?

  2. Julie- It was 🙂

    DiMw- yeah, blew my mind too! I was figuring 20-30 bucks (well 2000-3000 yen)

    ADM- I’m going back on the next trip!!!

    Epi- 🙂

    MB- I wish I knew- it was saki, a sprinkle of something, and soy sauce… Tequlia would probably set the entire bar on fire though… 🙂

  3. I read your post prior to my lunch break and therefor ended up at a habachi grill. yum. TY!

  4. When I worked for a “now defunct” computer company, I was teamed with another tech out of Chicago whenever the local techs couldn’t fix a problem. The Chicago tech was a former Royal Thai Marine (or so he said and he knew mil terms and language.) He was unbelievable ferreting out hole-in-the-wall eateries wherever we went.

    I ate more Thai food when I was with him and learned quickly to stay away from that purple sauce!

  5. Granny- Now in Hawaii tonight is Keo’s and Evil Jungle Prince (with Saki)…

    peedee- you’re welcome!

    Crucis- Agreed, that stuff is nuclear… coming AND going…

    WSF- yep, BACON :-0

    BZ- It was, and I WILL go back 🙂

  6. That looks yummy! Hope you are having a decent trip. Safe travels. 🙂

  7. FM- They are!!!

    Brigid- I would have been sleeping with the chicken in the freezer…

    RT- I’m getting from a to b to c… so far so good 🙂

  8. Dang that looks good.
    Stay away from the Sea Urchin sushi.
    No Habu Sake either.