Back to the salt mines…

I actually got a day off 🙂 No email, no phone calls, NO WORK BS!!! Yea!!!

So what did I do? Woke up at 0530 of course… sigh…

This is the view from my balcony at the hotel at 0600. Since this was a day off, we took a late breakfast/brunch and off to the golf course 🙂

Hey, the Cowboys were losing, so I didn’t want to experience anymore ‘damage’…

We went out and played Ka Olina out past Barbers Point. The course was pretty much empty due to the football games and PGA Sony Open being played here this weekend, so it was nice.

We were paired with a couple of interesting folks, Mike Walters, the CEO of Love’s Bakery and his chief baker JP. Couple of really nice guys, and not bad golfers.

We kinda commiserated over the “type” of business and the hours one has to keep, either in the military or in the bakery business. Turns out Mike was a Marine back in the 60s, so he’s got both sides down.

Love’s does a lot of military support, in addition to providing all of the fresh breads in the Hawaiian Islands! They bake 4800 loaves/hr 24/7! That’s a BUNCH of bread!!!

So the golf pretty much sucked (hey first time on the links in 5 months and NO warmup), but not a bad day. Back to the hotel and retired to the Barefoot Bar on the beach with a small libation… and… maybe… a green flash at sunset???

Of course I missed it by probably 1/4 of a second thanks to the slow shutter on the camera… dammit… This was about a minute before the actual flash…

And finally, a puppy (better known as Vito) my daughter’s new best friend all 6 mos at 40 lbs of him.
Tomorrow? Well, back to the salt mines- Holiday for most, routine for us… sigh…

Hope y’all have a good week!!!


Back to the salt mines… — 12 Comments

  1. I used to feel a little guilty taking a day off. It took me years to realize it was a recharge day and necessary.

    Sounds like you had a good one!

  2. Interesting. The majority of folks are unaware of the green flash.


  3. Green flash?? I’d have missed it anyway, too much puppy cuteness!!! Glad you had a good relaxing libating day off.

  4. JUlie- I did, but it’s not repeatable… 🙂

    Gia- Thanks!

    Carteach0- Yea, I had to learn that too.

    FM- you will

    Skul- It exists 🙂 This is one of the few places you can see it on a routine basis

    peedee- 🙂

  5. It’s a Holiday? A three-day weekend?


    You miss this stuff when you’re retired. I’d forgotten about MLK day.

    What happened to Washington’s B’day? Gone! Damn PC crap.

  6. That view looks so famaliar. I was there in September and we stayed in Waikiki and i swear i had the same view. Of course, it was our honeymoon so we had a ifferent perspective of the view, wink wink.