Pay to Play, $500,000 buy in…

It appears for $500,000 you can ‘buy’ a seat at the table as an ‘advisor’ to the Prez, and meet with him quarterly.  Only problem is you will be ‘window dressing’ since you’re only allowed to sit at the table if you agree with everything he’s doing.

So I guess he doesn’t hate ALL rich people, just those that don’t support him…

I can’t help but wonder how many Hollyweird types will be signing up after last night?  

And is it just me, or was what went on last night with the First Lady TOTALLY inappropriate??? Did anyone else note all the ‘ropes’ as the military aides are called, that were her backdrop?  Total BS, and I’m betting she ignored all of them and they were probably thrown out IMMEDIATELY after the shot concluded.  


Pay to Play, $500,000 buy in… — 12 Comments

  1. OT, but if you are still in ‘Dago, try and stop by Shakespeare and hoist one to Lex for me….for strength.

  2. There’s got to be some sign that those soldiers could give on camera to indicate that they are there under duress. How did the POWs in Vietnam do that again?

  3. Didn’t see what you are talking about.

    Guess when you have enough money, you buy status. Professional sports club, access to the President, whatever.

  4. As loath as I am to propose a new law about ANYTHING, there should be some regulation to prevent any administration from using the U.S. military for window dressing. I don’t care which party the office-holder represents.

  5. Murph- Just look at their expressions…

    WSF- I didn’t see the clip until today, STILL pissed me off… And yep, buying status…

    Rev- Concur

  6. 500K to sit down and eat fried chicken with Himself? What a bargain.

    Does it come with a $1 billion in “loans” to start up a “green company” that I can put into bankruptcy?

  7. Now I know what those soldiers looked like. The POWs paraded in front of the camera. Only the one girl was better at faking a smile than the others. The rest of them looked like they had thrown up in their mouths.

  8. LL- If you kiss his ass, probably…

    Opus- Yeah, I didn’t sense any ‘happiness’ in being there…

    Anon- Oh HELL no…

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