This is going to be ‘so’ much fun…

Old dog trying to learn new tricks…  This is going to take a while… Please bear with my stupidity while Barron tries to beat this into my thick skull…


This is going to be ‘so’ much fun… — 31 Comments

  1. You’ll be just fine. And Barron is a fine teacher and support group. I’ve been a WordPress user for more than a bit, so if he can’t ‘splain it, I’m happy to help.

  2. Hi Jim, I “ran out of internet ” for a couple of weeks, Bad Wireless router. Came back to find this and I like it. Especially the view from the conning tower of that sub you just sent to the bottom!

  3. Just a couple of comments if I may be so bold!

    1. Could you make the print size smaller? It really stands out.
    2. Is there any way you could add the last post dates back to your blog list sites? Besides your wonderful prose and very informative info posts, one of the main reasons I visit your site first is a preliminary link to the other sites on your list. You link 98% of the sites I regularly read.

    Hate to be a pain, but these suggestions may be good for others, too.
    Otherwise, seems like so many others are making the switch to ‘wordpress’ so welcome to your new home.


    • Your second request is a mixed bag. There is a plugin that allows for that but it isn’t reliable when your rolls get long. In NFOs case it blows up every time. I’m not sure why but I’ve been keeping an eye out for the functionality. Weer’d, myself, and others all would prefer that on the roll listing, but when it breaks it stops everything else. It may eventually show up again and it’s a goal, it just wont probably show up tomorrow.

      1st request is getting taken care of right now.

  4. I just typed OldNFO into my search bar and got here….and felt like I was on the MV Julius Fuick about to get a Harpoon up the ass like Red Storm Rising.

    I like the new layout. Easier on the eyes.

  5. Hey look at this new blog that I’ve never seen before! I should add it to the Gun Blog Black List….

    *big grin*