Keeping memories alive…

This one was done a couple of years ago, and is very poignant…

Can you imagine the memories of those old pilots as they saw those airplanes?  I know at the military opening of Udvar Hazy “I” saw a lot of tears…


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  1. MMMmmmmm , nope, not you MSgt B. Typical “start-up” pains I suspect . . . . 🙂

  2. Udvar Hazy is awesome.

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  3. That WWII Navy Aviation video you posted is what we used to call “A Shipping Over Movie” back in the Old Navy Day. Have A Great Navy Day — ‘Cuz Every Navy Day Is A GREAT DAY!

  4. With due respect to all those who flew afterward, I think those WWII guys who strapped a plane to their ass and flew off one of those wooden flight decks were a very rare and brave bunch of men. Nothing but a bucket of bolts held together by an awesome crew of mechanics on the hanger decks, full of gas and bullets. Or had a huge bomber to fly through flack or with enemy planes buzzing like gnats all around them. God bless the men of the air.

  5. On my first visit to U-H I met and listened to:
    A mechanic from Pan-Am’s China Clipper fleet. His entire unit went from being Pan-Am employees to Navy personnel on Dec. 8th, 1941.
    An A-4 pilot who flew off China Station.
    An F-4 EWO who flew out of Udorn, Cam Ranh and off China Station.
    A man who just stood, looked at a Huey and cried.
    Old men who stood straighter the closer they got to THEIR plane.
    It may have been a P-38, a Corsair, P-51 or B-29 but the hand motions they made to their grand-children were the same.
    Always stay close to the old guys wearing unit hats. You’ll learn more than any book can offer.

  6. You should fix it so that the video doesn’t auto-play. After watching it once, it’s annoying when every time you refresh or go-back or otherwise reload the page, it starts playing all over again.

  7. Liking the new set-up but my posts keep disappearing. Other than that… And great video. Damn shame to see all those wonderful old aircraft so casually discarded at war’s end.