From the CMP, an update…

It’s STILL ugly out there for ammo and other things, but this is the first time “I” can remember ever getting something like this from CMP…

(March 2013):

 RIFLES: The CMP currently has over 12,000 unfilled orders for rifles, ammo and other items. We also still have thousands of M1 Garands. These rifles all require inspection and repair and grading before being put up for sale. At times the customer demand exceeds the amount that our staff can make ready for sale. This is the case now with the field and service grade M1 Garand rifles. As the CMP armory produces the rifles, they are all being used to fill existing mail orders, some from as far back as the beginning of January. Until we catch up on mail orders, there will not be any field or service grade rifles in the stores at Anniston or Camp Perry. For now, we only have the M1 Service Grade Special ($950), M1 CMP Special ($995), M1C, M1D, M1NM, and Kimber model .82 (.22LR) in stock at both stores. We expect this to continue until late June.

 AMMO: The CMP does not have any caliber .223, .22LR, or .30 carbine ammo for sale at either store. We are sold out and expect to receive shipments of these calibers in 3-6 months. We continue to accept orders for these calibers and will fill those orders when we receive the replenishment shipments from the manufacturers. We do have caliber .30-06 ammo at both stores, but a 10 can purchase limit per year per customer applies. We also still have the Atomic caliber .308, but expect to run out in the next 60 days

I’m sure others got this too… sigh…


From the CMP, an update… — 14 Comments

  1. It’s the national trend.

    Obama may be a really bad president, but you have to hand it to the lad. He’s one heck of a firearms and ammo salesman.

  2. I can’t wait til he’s gone and we get to buy government surplus ammo.
    One more reason.

  3. LL- Good point!

    Ed- I dunno… I’d rather wait for the good stuff to come back on the market! 😀

  4. I gotta get the barrel/receiver/bolt combo from CMP to fix my Garand. Mine right now makes a good wall hanger. I had it tested and checked…My oprod was remachined to fit a non-spec receiver and the throat erosion exceeded the max allowed for safe operating. I am in the process of gathering up the $$$ to get it.

  5. Not only is the CMP not stocking the racks in Anniston and Camp Perry.
    They’re limiting quantities of surplus M-2 to ten cans a year per person.


  6. I haven’t heard anything from them…..YET!

    I don’t expect to get my M1 before June.

  7. 10 cans per year? 200 rounds per can? And reloading all that? I’m not sure I’d ever exhaust the first ten cans!