Another one for the WTF file…

Lunch at the mall today, standing in line behind a couple of folks and overheard, “Yeah, I’m going low key these days…”

Says the dude dressed in canary yellow pants, green floral print Hawaiian shirt, Mohawk (half green, half red), and those ear piercings that elongate/put BIG holes in the earlobe.

His buddies’ response, “Yep you are.”

If ‘that’ is low key, what was he wearing before???

Never mind, I don’t EVEN want to know…

And they live, breathe and breed… Sigh…


Another one for the WTF file… — 16 Comments

  1. I was having a conversation with two guys on Tuesday. Both of the men had those stupid holes in their ear lobes. By the time I was done with them I was having a hard time looking at them and not focusing on the stupid holes.

    Stupid is as stupid does. It’s hard to take someone seriously when you are constantly distracted.

    They might as well had a swastika on their forehead between their eyes. I would have at least been looking at their face near the eyes and not their ears.

  2. Maybe you should be grateful he HAD pants on, canary yellow or otherwise…

  3. Matt- Good point!

    Rev- Yep… Sigh

    PH- Hadn’t thought of it that way, but yeah…

  4. Amen to what Proud Hillbilly said. Last weekend at the lake, I got to see the entire crack of a big ol’ dred-locked (spelling?) fool. I guess he forgot he wasn’t wearing underwear? Few under the age of 50 give a flying crap about their appearance anymore, most look like they dressed out of a garbage can & that’s where I’d like to stuff that type.

  5. I know a guy who had a swastika between his eyes, tears from one eye most of the way down his cheek and a gaggle of other tats. He is a graduate of some prison in Oklahoma, fortunately he had them removed… mostly. This guy is a real piece of work. He did tell me he was trying to straighten up.

  6. One of the counter girls/servers at work is inked and carries more metal than your average combat vet. She got pissed at me when I threatened to clip a leash to the ring in her nose. You could just see that she couldn’t grok the concept when I asked what else a ring in the nose was for.


    And the big rings in the ear lobes make me want to go buy a bunch of pad locks.


  7. “If you tilt their head the right way you can pick up the Baltimore stations.”