I’d try it…

This one falls into the ZOMG category!!!

The amazing thing is that the South African Legends Golf and Safari Resort’s famous lineup of hole designers — which includes Padraig Harrington, Sergio Garcia, Justin Rose, and Vijay Singh, to name a few — is not how the course markets itself.

So what is this South African golfer’s paradise known for?

Oh not much, only the longest (and highest) par 3 in the world.

The tee is set 1,410 feet above the green on Hanglip Mountain. From the base of the mountain to the back of the green is 1,312 feet. In golf terms, that’s a 437-yard par-3, with a vertical drop of 470 yards.

Without getting all geeked out, as this insane shot relates to the laws of physics and how the ball will travel on quite an extreme arc, it plays about 260-270 yards due to the vertical drop.

Called the Extreme 19th, this hole is the centerpiece of the course (you don’t say?). But playing it is not part of a regulation round of golf there. Here’s the price breakdown:

Round of 18 including lunch: $70 per player
Extreme 19th per foursome: $1,060

That extreme price does come with a few perks. Players get a helicopter ride to the tee and back down after hitting, a souvenir cap and glove, and a DVD of their play on the hole.

The coolest part: Each player is given six balls with tracking devices, since losing sight of a ball hit from 1,410 feet up is pretty likely.

There’s a prize worth over $1 million for any player that makes a hole in one. The money has yet to be claimed. 

Oh HELL yes, throw me in that briar patch!!!  Ummm, I wonder if Peter still has friends in that area???


I’d try it… — 9 Comments

  1. I’m not a golfer. However, I’d love being down on the green with a shotgun, trying to hit the incoming balls.

    And I’d also like a rifle to shoot at any marauding game while waiting for the balls to drop. It might be the only green outside of Florida (gators in every water hazard) where you could be eaten on the 18th hole.

  2. Not on til I win the lottery and/or conquer The Dragon at Nakoma in N. Cali, just saying…

  3. “A golf course is a waste of a perfectly good rifle range.” – Col. Jeff Cooper.

  4. As a matter of fact, yes, I do still have friends in that area. I even know the location of the course, having walked all over the area during military training! The golf course wasn’t there at the time, of course. Hmm… I wonder if we dug up all those landmines, or forgot one or two?


  5. Well, I’m in the general vicinity, it’s only about a thousand miles north from here.

    Looks like a tourist trap and I approve. People crazy enough to waste time on golf should pay for the privilege 🙂

  6. CP- Yep! 🙂

    LL- True!!!

    Brighid- LOL

    Ed- 🙂

    Stretch- ONLY if you don’t combine the two…

    Peter- Would ‘that’ classify as local course knowledge??? 😀

    WRM- Thanks for chiming in, and agree!!! 🙂 Not that I’ll ever actually GET there… sigh