The Dragon strikes again…

Dragon Leatherworks will be opening a brick and mortar store.

Yes, we’re growing again! We’ve outgrown our present location, so the decision was made to go full-on brick-and-mortar!

A storefront has been selected here in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and we’ve begun sprucing up the new location. It will have 500 square feet dedicated strictly to retail space, which will showcase our holsters and gunbelts. We’ll also be adding a fashion concealed carry option for our female shooters, beginning with a hand-laced hip bag designed to carry pistols of the Makarov design or smaller, with a larger full-size gunpurse to follow right after the new Year.

Dennis is fighting the usual battles with ATF et al to get the licensing changed over, but as soon as he does the new store will be at:

Dragon Leatherworks
1956-B Oak Ridge Turnpike
Oak Ridge, TN.   37830

Dennis can do just about anything you want holster wise, and he’s been a long time contributor to all of our causes.  And he does DAMN GOOD WORK!!!

Oh yeah, and he’s also expanding into purses and other things!


The Dragon strikes again… — 8 Comments

  1. That is Awesome! Squeee! Now I can combine a road trip and shopping of the extra-special kind all in one! Oooooh, let the plotting commence…

  2. Next time I DRIVE to Tenn….not fly, I will drop by and visit. Oak Ridge ain’t too far from Sevierville Tenn where I do go.

  3. I’ve never seen their work before…something else to put on the Christmas List.

  4. Wing- ‘Why’ am I NOT surprised… LOL

    Bob- He really does quality work!

    LL- He’s good, I got a plain jane .45 holster it’s my primary 1911 carry especially for training/range time!

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  6. Thanks Jim. I believe I see the Christmas 2013 gift that shall be topping my “Christmas Want List.” Keep the faith and have a Great Navy Day.