One Wonders…

Seen on the Facebook:  Obama wants Catholic institutions to provide birth control and abortions.

Does this mean he will force Muslims to serve alcohol and bacon???

h/t Stretch

And this one from various sources…

Internal State Department emails reportedly show the White House cooperated with a journalist whose revelations about an anti-Iran cyberattack are now the subject of a high-profile leak probe. 

The Washington Times reported Monday on emails, from late 2011 to early 2012, obtained by the nonprofit Freedom Watch after the group filed suit in federal court. They detail discussions New York Times reporter David Sanger had with the State Department before the publication of a book that revealed classified information about the so-called Stuxnet computer worm, which targeted Iran’s nuclear facilities. 

Full article HERE.

But… But… The administration blamed that on Marine General Cartright when he wouldn’t drink the koolaid didn’t they???

Why, yes; YES THEY DID! See it HERE.

And it looks like three more of BO’s ‘sons’ showed up in Oklahoma… Interestingly, the first media to actually ‘identify’ the race of the perps was the Aussie papers… Not a peep out of any US media outlet…


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  1. It would seem that you have lost faith in the mainstream media’s ability to be objective and ‘fair’.

  2. I like the bacon idea – heck, our own Senator Harkin could introduce the bill – what a boon it would be to Iowa pork producers!!

  3. Re: Catholic Healthcare

    I know that it is different in other regions but there are not Baptist or Jewish religiously affiliated hospitals in most of the Western US and the Catholic affiliated hospitals are a bit of an oddity around here. At least in Washington State we are having serious issues with expansions of Catholic affiliated healthcare/hospital networks such that there are communities where there are not secular/unaffiliated alternatives available, even if one is willing to drive a couple of hours. There is starting to be serious conflict, especially when publicly funded (via special hospital districts with taxing authority) hospitals are entering into cooperative management/operating agreements with these institutions governed by the Catholic Church’s dictates. Suddenly physicians and other staff who have established a career in a community are told that they can’t provide family planning, abortion, or palliative care services to their patients in a manner that is consistent with their secular professional standards.