Book Review- Emily Gets Her Gun…

Emily Miller is a senior at the Washington Times, and wrote a series for the paper on her attempts (and finally success) to purchase a gun in DC.  Now that series has been expanded and turned into a book.

Emily gets her gun

Extensively footnoted, and written in the same style as her pungent commentaries for the Times, it’s both enjoyable and educational.  She delves into the ‘mysteries’ of the labyrinth that is DC politics as she tries to complete the 17 ‘steps’ and buy her gun.  She’s also very honest about what she went through, admitting she knew virtually nothing about guns and feared them.

She tells her story, interleaving it with some of the interactions she had with various politicians including Vincent Gray when he was running for Mayor of DC.  That one had me laughing at the way it ended, and I knew I had to keep reading.  She also brings to light other stories of the over-reach of the DC police, including incidents where military personnel have been arrested and prosecuted for having weapons or in one case for simply having ammunition.

Strongly recommended, not only for the story itself, but her links to the various footnotes and the Appendices. If you’re a 2A supporter, you need this book in your library!


Book Review- Emily Gets Her Gun… — 10 Comments

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  2. Opus- And that number just might be on the LOW side…

    LL- Snerk… Got me with that one!

  3. On my way to Amazon…but tell me, did her experience change her views on firearms and the Second….

  4. My signed copy should be arriving this week. It sounds like a great addition to my library.

  5. On the Amazon Wish List. I just have to plow through the pile of books I already have, prepare two new presentations, do my regular work, and I’m sure there is stuff around the house that needs doing.

    This retirement thing is hard work!