Heh, I think I pissed them off…

spam count

Note to self- Go find some good hackers and get a DDOS going against these turds…


Heh, I think I pissed them off… — 10 Comments

  1. I must be doing something wrong – almost never get any spam. Maybe one every couple of months.

    On the other hand, going after the spammers sounds like a good idea to me. 🙂

  2. I rate spammers down there with child molesters. Both should be put to death. And they are all ‘overseas’ it seems. Perhaps we in the US should start teaching spam and anti-spam classes in elementary school with a class every year until graduation for high school or college – which ever come first. Then have them registered and subject to federal prison if the spam anyone other than spammers. I patten the idea… pending.

  3. Could start forwarding the spam straight to the nsa, if they are going to read my email might as well give them a head start.

  4. CP- Concur!

    WSF- Yeah, now making hourly visits to clean out the spam.

    Jon- Heh… Yeah!

  5. Fascinating to see how quickly some people can respond to a previously unconsidered reality when properly informed! 😉

  6. drjim- That would work too!

    xS3- LOL, yeah, and they’re STILL responding, 98 more this morning.