Gotta love it when the antis get overwhelmed by the 2A folks…


And while I’m at it, this is a little more ‘civilized’ than what I was going to post the other day, but it just truly gets me that the media REFUSES to cover the black actions that don’t fit the administration’s agenda…

If anything, most of these are relegated to a five second sound bite on local TV or buried in the pages of the newspapers rather than being above the fold which they would be if it were whites doing the same thing.  It’s become ‘almost’ funny in that when the perps are black, they are never identified as such in the media, but if it’s a white that does something, it’s immediately portrayed and if he’s a former military type, that is hyped too!

DC is becoming notorious for the things that are going on with gang violence on the Metro and the battles in certain stations. It’s to the point that folks are now driving and paying $20 a day or more to park rather than $2 to ride the metro. The other hits are the black teen ‘flash mobs’ that are hitting convenience stores and now stores in malls taking what they want. BUT, they are only doing this in DC and MD, not in VA where CCW is legal.  There have also been reports about mobs after Nationals games at night, but there doesn’t seem to be ANY coverage of that (but a friend told me the game he attended last week had, in his words, a HUGE police presence between the ballpark and the off premises parking lots and Metro stations).

Granted these are from WND, which the left considers a ‘radical’ news source (much like the FluffPo hates Drudge).  But when you look at the totality of actions, it seems many of these perps think they’ve got a license to do as they wish.  This is a compendium that I received from JP, if you have the time, you’ll note that in a VERY few cases, the good guys won, usually because they had a carry permit and used their defensive weapon.  But those cases are few and far between.  Also, many of these incidents occurred in places were CCW is not legal.

Black mob pounces on woman: ‘Shut up white [bleep!]’
About that violent gang, the ‘Obama Boyz’
Intended Knockout Game victim shoots back
Black mob-in-training bullies white girl, 3
Black mob on rampage fractures cop’s skull
Black teen, 16, who beat WWII vet to death arrested
Police: Teens kill baseball player ‘for fun’
Downtown Memphis? Safe, of course
Black mob looting: ‘This is the city of Detroit’
Black mobs erupt in Ivy League region
Dad: Son ‘sorry’ for beating white boy on bus
Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him
Black-on-black murders epidemic in this city
Black mob targets off-duty police
Vicious: Blacks pummel white child on bus
Even media can no longer ignore black violence
Black man in hoodie stabs white girl 11 times
Black mob leaves waiter with broken jaw
Race violence alarms, before Zimmerman verdict
Black mobs go ‘bang’ on July 4th
Kaboom! Now black mobs kill 4th of July
Family picnic turns to horror thanks to black mob
Mall maul nothing much, authorities report
Black mob strikes Ohio mother
Bike trail builds reputation for mob attacks
Woman sics dogs on reporter
Knockout Game victim’s eye kicked out of socket
Happy holiday! Let the violence begin
Beach week fun: Kevlar vests and weapons
FBI called into hate crime targeting whites
Police blamed for black crime spree
Shooting victim wanted ‘tribe’ to be peaceful
Violence takes over ‘CelebrAsian’
Black violence surges from D.C. rail line to Master’s
‘Beach week’ draws black crowd — and violence
Gun owner stops home invaders dead
Black mob attack on elderly white halted
Strategy: Reduce violence by taking away Facebook
Media label black-mob violence ‘mischievous teens’
Violent threats follow Detroit takeover
Torture-slaying retrial declared ‘victim-free’ zone
Black mob beats man ‘for no reason’
7 injured at party for 13-year-old rapper
‘COPS’ slammed for portraying blacks as criminals
Taser-armed security guard chases black mobs
25-year-old victim loses Knockout Game
TV-smashing, rock hurling ‘candlelight vigil’
It’s ‘scuffle’ with dozens of people, guns
Help ‘tending wounds’ sought for black attackers
Sanford healing 1 year after Trayvon’s death?
Jawdropper: Black mob meets ‘gay’ beauty pageant
TV anchor: ‘Race-baiters’ behind black-mob claims
‘Knockout Game’ perp shot, killed
70 officers needed to disperse ‘food fight’ rioters
College football stars and the Knockout Game
Detroit facing surge of black violence
Black mob takes over neighborhood, again
Video: Black mob beats man until skull breaks
Seattle in denial about black mobs
Star is born when security guard Tasers ‘crazy lady’
You’re white, you’re guilty, you’re dead!
Surge of black violence called ‘urban terrorism’
‘White and black don’t mix’
Deck the halls, and your fellow shopper, too
$10, cell phone and a bullet to head
Chicago robbery, chase, crash and a riot
Black mobs take over Washington Metro
Race-based Knockout Game meets the Moms
‘We’re looking at the background of the victim’
Football stars accused in racial Knockout Game
Black mob violence hits high-school gridiron
Heisman hopes hit by black-mob attack
Black mob picks on ‘The Wrong Guy’
‘Knockout Games’ a hit with black mobs
Black mob violence blamed on white kids drinking
Black mob hijacks store: ‘We own this’
Attempted robbery that almost became a race riot
Riots, denials and black mobs in Flint
Black mob violence and the media silence
Brand-new surge in black-mob violence
The race riot … and the media cover-up
Black commentators sound off on racial violence
Mighty Salon and little old me
See no evil: Racial violence underreported
‘Perfect storm’ of black violence on ‘gays’
2nd Amendment proves valid defense against black gangs
Black mobs now have soundtrack for violence
Black mobs’ Knockout Game raising alarms
Blogger: Why don’t blacks behave?
Judge to black perps: What are you doing with your lives?
Black mob violence hits Nordstrom

Boy, 1, in Stroller Fatally Shot


There is no question in my mind the pot is nearing a boil, and I and many others are wondering when it will boil over.  In my opinion, FWIW, I think the ‘celebrations’ last week did more to foment these behaviors than anything else, and I truly believe Martin Luther King is spinning at high RPM in his grave over how his ‘Dream’ has been hijacked by the race baiters, and racism for profit crowd led by Jackson, Sharpton, et al.

To me, one of the most telling points are folks like my office manager and other black women who are now looking at buying pistols and shotguns for their homes.  I got cornered last week at lunch about what to buy, and where to go to get training.  I pointed them at one of the woman instructors at the NRA, and told them to look at 20ga shotguns rather than 12ga, because it would be easier for them to handle.  I was telling one of my co-workers (retired Master Gunny) and he volunteered to break out a couple of shotguns he’d bought for his wife to let them try them, so it looks like the ladies will be getting a range trip in the near future.  It seems there is now starting to be a real divide inside the black community with those who are former military and those working for a living separating themselves from the free cheese crowd and siding more and more with the Conservatives against the Liberal agenda.  Frankly, I welcome this, because GOOD people regardless of ethnicity are going to have to stand up for themselves and stand against the PCism that is infecting this country, and I am beginning to believe this will happen sooner rather than later.

links h/t to JP


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  1. “Us” vs. “Them” is coming, but “Us” isn’t necessarily white and “Them” isn’t necessarily black. Rather, as you pointed out, it’s more “Good” vs. “Bad” regardless of color.

  2. Leftists and media want to portray black versus white as the struggle because that gets them more votes.

    It really is about limited government versus unlimited government.

  3. Baltimore – serious problems, especially in the Inner Harbor. Not reported.

  4. Yep, the confrontations will increase, and the need for self-defense measures has never been more critical. Scary times, indeed.

  5. We all need to keep talking, keep walking and definitely stop hiding behind our locked doors. Take back the neighborhoods, the markets and malls, take back the parks and take back the day and the nights of our lives…

    Then we might be ready to take back the Federal government.
    I won’t be ruled, I am not in a state to be governed, I may seek to be well represented. In the Lord’s Love and Liberty abide.

  6. PH- Yeah, this list could be a LOT longer!

    Rev- True!

    Earl- Agreed!!!

    Rick- I’m thinking we’re about down to the last straw.

  7. The problem is that blacks will unite over anything that includes a fight or a free bus ride. You cannot get two whites to unite no matter what. We’re fragile. We weren’t bred to have thick skins, strong bones, bulging muscles and no brains.

    I’ve been a racist ever since my black boss lunged over his desk at me. It took two white men and one black to intercede. And they all got reprimanded.

    We are outnumbered, out voted, out armed, and being made to look like weaklings.

  8. And the book “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” is becoming more of a how-to manual vice a work of fiction.
    Anyone see how DC now wants cites travelers who have empty ammo casings? The culture of stupid continues.

  9. I came back to my truck tonight to see my headlights on dimly.
    While I was figuring out who to call, and my wife was praying quietly, on thin older black man walked up to me and asked which side my battery was on.
    He’d been sitting there watching them go dim for a half hour.
    Waiting to be of help.