Shut em down…

My $.02 worth here, I’d do if I were in the House is I’d send a bill up that makes EVERYBODY come under obamacare, no exclusions for Congress, unions, nobody…

And I’d go home.  Put it in Reid and BOs court…

The democratic version of compromise is WE (the little people) give up everything, they give up nothing, then take more (in taxes)…

Screw em all…

2014 will be the fourth try at the ballot box, what next???

And a gratuitous video of Vito and the ‘ball’…

In order to keep it from getting monotonous I cut this down to one catch…

He did this 9 of 10 ten times the only failure was when I kicked it over his head and he couldn’t jump fast enough!  And I don’t think the neighbor kids will kick the ball in the street anymore…

Three weeks ago that was a bright, shiny new ball, but it got away from the kids and Vito ‘caught’ it for them; except for the bite it was fine, if a little flat…LOL

PP replaced the ball and now he has a bigger play toy than the tennis balls!


Shut em down… — 10 Comments

  1. What next??? indeed . Interesting times my friend Interesting times

  2. that reminds me, i need to grab video of Ripley attempting to catch her soccer ball. it’s still bigger than she can manage. 🙂

  3. Completely agree with you.

    The only thing the government has done for me lately is tax me into lower standard of living, separate me from my doctor of 15 years, try continuously to take away my 2nd Amendment rights and place me under surveillance and a terrorist.

    Shut down is going to be a good thing.

  4. Again, I agree.

    I’m sure that Vito will make short work of that ball — or ANYTHING that he decides to make short work of.

  5. Dingy Harry and Fearless Leader say they will not negotiate.
    If I was the House leadership, I would say fine and send everyone home until they changed their mind. Then I would only allow the leadership back till they had an enforceable agreement. Only then would members be allowed back to their offices. Of course that takes a spine so that won’t happen.

    On a good note, the USPS delivered my county tax bill right on time. Well play Mr. Government Man

  6. FD- I’m not sure at this point…

    Laura- LOL, that won’t last long!

    ADM/WSF- I’m there with ya…

    LL- Yep! 😀

    Gerry- Concur!

    Opus- LOL, he’s an ‘interesting’ dog… 😀

  7. Shut it down.
    The anger I experience when I see someone defend the democraps is unhealthy for me.
    It also exposes serious gaps in my cool demeanor.
    A coworker asked me today what I thought.
    0 to 180 in three seconds.
    Fortunately much agreement at work.
    And the uninformed are getting informed.