It’s getting ugly out there…

Via commenter Stretch, a link to Sebastian’s post on the latest from Colorado on the recalls…

Stretch’s comment is pretty appropriate too, especially for us ‘old farts’…

“I hate living in ‘Interesting times’.”

Democratic interests groups are getting quite dirty and nasty with their tactics to keep from losing additional seats.

Link HERE.

Seb and Bitter stay on point for all of us on the legal issues; they are truly nice folks that dedicate a LOT of personal time to tracking these things nationwide, not just locally in PA and the surrounding states!

I’d highly recommend you add their blog, Shall Not Be Questioned, to your daily read list!!!


It’s getting ugly out there… — 5 Comments

  1. ” Interesting times ” isn’t so bad … Its the ” Interesting Places ” that is starting to get worrisome to me .

  2. There an industry along the Front Range devoted to campaigns of all sorts.

    They hire desperate unemployed people, give them impossible quotas, and use GPS trackers to make sure the routes are covered.

    Give the Progressives their due; they get out and hustle while the GOP are dining on lukewarm chicken at some motel meeting room.

  3. FD- Yep, but you’ll never have to worry about… oh wait…

    Rick- That it will!

    WSF- Good point!

  4. Those folks and a lot of others like them made me think of this