PSA for Veterans ID cards…

If you know anyone who has a VA ID card, please let them know about this…

The fact that a simple scanner program on a cell phone can get the member’s SSN is NOT good!

h/t JP


PSA for Veterans ID cards… — 8 Comments

  1. With my various enterprises, I have a Federal Tax ID Number. I know it can be hacked but with more difficulty. In addition, I have a block on my SSN with the three credit reporting agencies. All this is to make me a less inviting target. Pain in the … for me; more so for the thieves.

  2. +1 to WSF, i have my credit locked and frozen. Had been a victim of fraudulent charges before, didnt have to pay them but for me to apply for a loan, it is a hassle but it is peace of mind.

  3. Same here. Locked up my credit which makes my life a pain at times but makes me a hard target. They just toss me to the side and move on. I’ve also gone back to using cash for all transactions and am only using my debit card at ATMs. Even then I look at the card port for a skimmer.

    I really wish these people would stop doing stupid !@#$ that makes it worse.

  4. Senior/Barron- Agree! And cash works for now, but if .gov had their way, it would be outlawed, so they could ‘track’ all transactions (and stop black market/barter)…