Old School…

It followed me home, so I guess I get to keep it… Click to enlarge

Colt Officer barrel

1947 Colt Officer’s Model Target Heavy Barrel Third Issue, in .38 Special…

Colt officer left

It’s got some use on it, and some light pitting on the right side of the frame.

Colt officer right

But lock up is excellent, timing is excellent, and ZERO cylinder shake is evident.  For those who don’t know, ‘this’ was the premier revolver for many years in Bullseye pistol competition, and wasn’t beaten on accuracy or smoothness until the Python came along.

I lurves S&W collectors… snerk… They hate Colts so badly they always price em cheep… Smile


Old School… — 25 Comments

  1. I had a chance at one of these at a local Gander Mountain
    some years ago.
    Can’t recall why I passed on it.
    The ones I’ve seen since were on Internet sites and
    quite a bit more expensive.

    Let us know how it shoots, please.

  2. Phil/Keads/Rev/j.r.- Thanks!

    Leon- Will do, I just ‘happen’ to have about 1000 rounds of 158gr Wadcutters 🙂

    Rick- 😛

    LL- Yep!

  3. You always find the coolest toys.

    But +1 to what Rick said. If they didn’t turn and open backwards, they’d be practically perfect.

  4. Nice! But who ever thought that we would see the day that it would be cheaper to practice with a .38 Revolver than a .22 Conversion? ; )

  5. Murph- 😛

    NJT- Damn right, and got him down some more on the price too!!!

    Ed- I’ll find out next weekend! I’m pretty sure it will!

    Les- Good point! And I DID get your conversion up!

    GFA- Luck, and the fact that folks up here don’t like Colts…LOL

  6. You’ve got the same problem I do. Hard to walk away from a good deal. I just had a nice rifle of similar vintage to your pistol follow me home. Mosin-Nagant. Brought it home from Fayette-Nam, NC this weekend.

  7. I have a Colt New Service Revolver in .45 long colt that has never been fired. I have a letter from Colt that shows that it was shipped to Pearl Harbor May 18 1942, somehow it didn’t make it to Pearl.

  8. DLG- Answered on your blog, nice little piece!

    Rick- They are out there, if you want a shooter, you can’t go wrong with these!

    CA73- On NICE!!! Pics??? So I can drool??? Please!

    Glen- Aye Aye Sir. 🙂

  9. My Colt Official Police wants a play-date with your Colt.