Range Report…

We had a reasonably good day, 50ish temps, so off to the range we went!

My buddy wanted to sight in rifles, so I took an EBR just for the helluvit…

EBRHBAR one each…

We were working 100 yards and 200 yards…

Not ‘too’ bad at 100 yards…

EBR 100

But 200 yards SUCKED… No more coffee ahead of shooting if I’m trying to shoot those damn little 6″ shoot ‘n sees… Especially offhand (damn little targets)EBR 200Guess I won’t be challenging at Camp Perry with this lousy shooting… sigh…

BUT, on to bigger and better things!!!

First range outing with the Franken.22!


Joe done good with this one!  The windage was a bit off, but I got it walked in okay.  30 rounds at 10 yards… One round outside the black on a six inch target and that one was a called flyer…

And the ‘new’ 1947 Colt Officer’s Target HB. DSC00600Six rounds 1 1/2 inch at 10 yards with 158gr wadcutters… Woo Hoo!  That sucker SHOOTS!!!

Oh yeah, we got all three of his sighted in, and as we were packing up, a guy shows up with an Olympic Anshutz 1913 and all the associated gear, he’d just gotten the rifle back from Anshutz and was having to go through all the resighting procedures… He’s a 3 position competitor and working toward the 2016 Olympics.  And based on his FIRST target, we packed up… LOL

An older gent showed up at the same time, with an original 1903 MK-1 with the Peterson cut, and now in an original stock.  It had a 1927 barrel, and looked damn good! We didn’t stick around to see him shoot it, but I’m sure it shot as well as it looked!

And no, I didn’t ask him the serial number range, nor talk to him about the heat treatment issues… I figured he knew what he had…



Range Report… — 17 Comments

  1. Keads- Yours was good too! Love the old Colts!

    PH- Yep!

    Rev- We did and NO SNOW! 😀

    gfa- Oh yeah! 🙂

    Murph- It was!

    BZ- 😛

  2. It looks like you shoot well enough you don’t need to give up coffee…..

    Boy that .22 looks sweet!

  3. I haven’t shot much in the past year, but your shooting is pretty dam good. My Mrs. has shot more than me.?! That has to change…and soon!

  4. I was at the 300 yrd range playing with my 7mm Mag, getting good groups, scope dead on, when an old timer shows up in his VFW ball cap, slab sided SP1 and starts drilling one ragged hole or so off handed at 150 targets. I made my manners, went home, and yelled at my sister’s cat.