Changed my mind…

I was going to rant on the BS going on, but you know what?  It’s just NOT worth it…

So… Some edumacashun for y’all…

Each of the different colors contains one BILLION people…

1 billion per area

THIS is an eye opener…  And not necessarily in a good way…Highest paid

Something more interesting (at least to me)… All the rivers in the USA.Rivers

Now THIS is interesting, all the rivers that feed into the Mississippi…  No wonder the Mississippi has as much power as it does!Rivers into Miss


Now this is an eye opener… This map shows (in red, orange, and yellow) the world’s largest donors of MONETARY foreign aid with red being the biggest donor…Foreign aidAnybody notice anything interesting about that??? Like ZERO foreign aid from ANY muslim country???  And I’m not even going to get into the military foreign aid… Of course that would mostly be US, Russia, France, Germany and Cuba…

Now back to your regularly scheduled BS…

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  1. The Russians used to offer foreign aid – mostly weapons. I think that they’re doing it again in Syria and Iran. Maybe it’s an old map.

    As to the highest paid public employees, it’s indicative of what we truly value as a nation.

  2. No foreign aid from any Muslim country? I see France and the U.K in there.

  3. LL- I should have been more clear, it’s monetary foreign aid… I’ll fix it…

    Tom- Yeah… sigh

    gfa- You’re welcome!

    Jenn- Isn’t it…

  4. It would be interesting to pair the foreign aid map with one showing the recipients of foreign aid. I’m betting there’s be a lot of red muslim countries on that one.

      • +2. I’d further add that with only a few exceptions (Grenada comes to mind) just about every military intervention the US has been involved in since the end of the Vietnam War has involved Muslims. Often the intervention was to keep Muslims by being killed.

        Kuwait (Gulf War)
        Iraq (Second Gulf War)

        President Feckless would have sent the US military to Syria, but I think he finally figured out that it would be political suicide for the Democrats.

  5. So, California has all those rivers. It also has an entire western state border of water. Yet they are out of water. You really couldn’t make that situation up; nobody would believe it. We’ve known how to run desalinization plants for how long now?

    • Rivers out west don’t necessarily have actual water in them. A lot of times, it’s a dry riverbed until the spring thaw or fall rains, then it has water for a week or so. We have several like that here in Texas.

  6. Just got back from the hospital, situation normal, I will last but feel like I have been improved by technology… but one has to grow into it.

    Shared your maps you picked some great ones.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    And part of that monetary aid stuff, you should see how much we as a country give for AID research, far more than anybody else and the activist raise hell because it ain’t enough. I don’t see them screaming at Russia or those countries in Africa where AIDS is rampant…THey only bitch to the western based societies.

  8. The highest paid public employees means nothing since being a public employee is not supposed to be a path to wealth. It doesn’t show anything about what we value. That is shown by the private sector. All those coaches are coaches at colleges with big programs that bring in big money and their contracts are negotiated one at a time. It’s not like there is a pay scale that high for all coaches.

  9. Bob- The Navy has been running them for years… 🙂

    Earl- Glad you escaped!!!

    Bob- Good point!

    Prof- Good point, but at $5-8M a year for a college coach vs. $400k for the President of the college, that says a lot…

    • Here’s another way to look at the highest paid public employee.

      Unlike the college president at $400K a year, the football coach is more likely not to be a gun hatin’ progressive. I’m not that sure about basketball coaches or law school deans.

  10. Cool maps. I’d find it interesting to see a “Highest Paid Employee” map for every 5 to 10 years going back 50 years and see how and where it was changing.

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  12. That map for the rivers that drain into the Ol’ Miss…..

    Now I know why my water sucked so bad growing up in New Orleans.

    Too bad we can’t take a pipe from the river, drill down to the aquifer that’s running low in the Mid West, and pump water over to it when it floods.

  13. I’m not much of a sports fan, but I appreciate the fact that college coaches are about the only public employees whose continued employment is actually dependent upon actual performance.

  14. One map notes that football coaches are usually the highest paid state employees.

    The author laments that fact.

    Perhaps the author could explain why it is offensive that the highest paid employee in most states is the one who makes the state the largest profit from their work?

    Football coaches in big state universities make tens of millions of dollars for their schools every year. Name another employee who makes a profit by their activities, other than the tax collector.

  15. As to the question of foreign aid from Muslim countries: the map is incorrect. The Palestinian Authority gets quite a lot of money every year from all over the muslim world. The Iraq government, for example, used to give $25k to the family of every suicide bomber (before 2003).

  16. Mikee- Most of that money NEVER leaves the Athletics department… And I said it was interesting… Re foreign aid, $25K per bomber family doesn’t count as aid, that is a reward…