Heh… Sometimes we ‘win’ one…

Judge orders break in sailor’s child custody case…

It appears ‘somebody’ got to that judge up in MI that was trying to haul the sailor in today.

She’s now ‘claiming’ she didn’t know he was at sea!  Bulls**t!!!

Since this article is on AP, here’s the LINK and I’m not quoting any of it.

Sounds like enough folks weighed in that she was afraid to go forward and has now delayed the hearing until later in the year.  Thanks to those who called, emailed and raised enough hell that this sailor isn’t going to get screwed (this time)…

Thank you!

h/t Les


Heh… Sometimes we ‘win’ one… — 12 Comments

  1. Her earlier statements show that she knew. This is a victory for the internet and talk radio, which may free us from these people yet.

  2. You may be right. When I tried to call the number you posted last week I got a fast busy and then “We are unable to complete your call at this time.” message.
    Don’t know ’bout the fear of God but we sure put the fear of lost election into her mind.

  3. Good, but not good enough. That judge needs a new career. Soon. Willingly or not.

    • And that job should include the line “Will that be the sandwich or the combo?”

  4. I must have missed that number. I’d still like it…so I can try to call and give this, “Judge” a piece of my mind. As retired navy, I have actually seen this. One of my fellow navy members (a good friend) lost custody of her child because of this. We were stationed at GCCS at the time, and they wouldn’t let her fly back to go to court…