Dealing with death…

As we get ‘older’ we start aging out…

Which means we start losing friends, relatives, and family in some cases.  It also forces us to confront our own mortality…

I’ve had two friends die this week, one expected and one not.

The expected one was a release from a lot of pain, he’d dealt with pancreatic cancer for almost six months, lost something over 100lbs, and at the end didn’t want anyone to visit.  He passed Monday in Hospice, and I’m glad he’s out of pain.

The other, Tuesday was a friend and former co-worker, in his mid-50s that died in bed.  Cause unknown, and his wife was the one that found him.  He was a little fireplug, retired sonar chief, and one of those folks that was a self-starter.  If you gave him a task, you didn’t have to worry about it.  He lived life to the fullest, always had a joke or a smart ass remark, and we were supposed to get together in a few weeks…

Now… He’s gone too… leaving a wife, a brand new college grad daughter, and a hole in a lot of our hearts.

Since most of us are retired military, we chose to remember the good times, all the little ‘experiences’ he had, both in and out of the service…

But I think all of us went home Tuesday night with heavy hearts, and took a good look at our own families…  And either gave them hugs, or called them…

RIP Ken and Tom, RIP guys…

Y’all both burned the candle at both ends and in the middle…

Rest in Peace…  You may be gone, but you’re not forgotten…


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  1. I’m very sorry to hear that. The loss of friends can weigh on a soul as much as a loss of a family member, sometimes even more so, as those bonds can sometimes be greater if we’re not that close with family.

    Thank you for remembering them, today and always.

  2. Wow, I’m so sorry to hear this, OldNFO. The one in hospice had a bad end (at least, Dad did that way) but got a chance to say his goodbyes.

    Quite frankly, I’m not sure which I’d choose.

  3. I sure hate it for you and the families, Jim. +1 to Dammit Brighid.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your losses.
    We do have this consolation,
    John 3:15King James Version (KJV)

    15 That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.

  5. My condolences on your losses, Jim.

    As for the aging out process… you realize you’re in it when you begin to go to more funerals than weddings.

  6. Sad to hear your Friends died. Raise a Glass for me, will you?

    But as we get to a certain Age, this does not become Uncommon, damn it!

    I told a Nephew of mine a few years ago at a Funeral for a relative, that when he gets to certain Age, he needs to keep a Funeral Suit and a Weekender Bag full of Travel Clothes and Accessories handy, because he might have to go to a Funeral in a couple of days. He couldn’t get his mind around that, until I told him that I went to Nine Funerals over 18 months, and this one we were at was mine Tenth. All Elderly Aunts and Uncles.

    I thank God that, for me, that the “Creek has run Dry,” at least for now.

    And I hate the fact that I need a “Funeral Bag” more than a “AWOL Bag” nowadays. Take Care.

  7. I feel for ya, pal. I am also losing them way too fast. I have been aware of my mortality for some time now. It even affects some of my decisions… dammit.

  8. And one last time slipped the surly bonds of Earth. Condolences to the families and you.
    I still owe you big-time for last year. Holler if you need anything from Southern Maryland

  9. Man, I’m sorry to hear this on both counts. It’s never easy to lose friends, expected or not. Their families will be in my prayers, as will you, my friend.

  10. My sincere condolences, and it’s often times a bit scary. Hell I’m mid 50’s now and sometimes internal things just feel weird. An older friend is on a ventilator at the VA hospital being taken care-of for a heart ailment. In a few weeks I’ll be celebrating mom’s 84th and dad’s 90th. birthday. Can’t be too many more of those…

  11. “I spent it in good company…Then fill to me the parting glass, Good night and joy be with you all” (lyrics of the ‘Parting Glass’)

    I am sorry for your loss.