Why was this overlooked???

Does anybody remember seeing ANY coverage of this, anywhere???

I don’t…

h/t Ripper


Why was this overlooked??? — 20 Comments

  1. Everywhere I look there are reports of Justin Bieber removing his clothes at some fashion show, but I have never before heard about this patriot who accomplished such an outstanding feat to honor our fallen heroes. Our world is seriously skewed.

  2. There’s a lot about what the Kardashians are drinking in the lounge in the media.

    Naturally you wouldn’t hear about this from the Mainstream Media – or from the Commander-in-Chief, who could give a crap about our fallen heroes.

  3. Our Community Organizer In Chief only cares about getting political face-time pinning MOH’s on guys (and all well deserved by the way). Anything else concerning the military and how he feels about them can be found in the pay cuts, 1% pay raises, pink slips, and criminal negligence to the vets who are in dire need. Of course he will not recognize anything heroic and as awesome as what this patriot has done.

  4. I hate todays Media… A story like this should have been front page every where.

  5. Very beautiful and emotional story. Definitely teared up.
    One thing I am curious about is the logistics: how does he know he’s traveled a mile? Perhaps a GPS watch or maybe looking for road markers?

  6. Bob- Yep…

    BP- Agreed.

    Stephanie- Most runners know their ‘pace’ and can tell you within a couple of feet when they’ve run a mile. GPS would also do it.

  7. Thanks for sharing this . . . he certainly represents the very best in us . . .

    To absent comrades . . .

  8. That was wonderfully touchy, and like others, it suddenly got dusty in here. The media is beyond skewed in what is important any more, and we’ve become a nation where celebrities with no talent but showing off flesh get more coverage than this. Thanks Jim. – Brigid