Taxi, oh taxi…

Looks like NASA finally got their act(s) together…

Boeing and Space X each got a contract today for the next iteration of the ‘space taxi’ for six missions each…

The interesting part?  They have to be ready to fly by the end of 2017!

Considering the Russians are charging us $71M per trip, sooner the better.  OBTW, the price was $52M until the last shuttle flight, then there was a MAJOR price jump.  One wonders why???

Seven passengers, reusable, and commercial NOT government.  It’s called the Commercial Crew Program…

HERE’s a short video from


Taxi, oh taxi… — 9 Comments

  1. $71 million per Unnecessary Trip. Supporting the ISS is a choice. one we don’t have to make. We get nothing from it but jobs for NASA guys. Expensive price to pay just so a handful of people can put “astronaut” on their resume.

  2. The ISS may just be an international space tree fort, but I sort of like the ability to get the KH- birds, the GPS birds, and whatever the guys are that make sure my satellite based communications work, into near earth orbit in something that says USAF or USA or hell Delta on the side in lieu of CCCP.

    • We do still have disposible rockets that we use frequently to launch our own satalites and they are cheaper per tip than using any sort of shuttle. The efficiency of a “reusable” shuttle was hype and marketing. It was never really true and was always the most expensive way to get into space.

  3. Hey Old NFO,

    I am glad to see this, but how long before the big government types go the “To professionalize…you must federalize” and turn it into a quasi government agency with the same restrictions and hassles the NASA deals with it. But I am glad to see us trying to go back into space again. Without the help of the Russians.