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Vets before illegals

TDY reimbursement cut to the military on assignments…

The cuts, which went into effect Nov. 1, impact those on long term TDY assignments. Service members on temporary duty for 31 to 180 days will receive a flat-rate per diem of 75 percent of the full rate, which varies by location.

Those assigned for longer than 180 days will receive 55 percent of the rate. Cuts were also made Oct. 1 to reimbursements that apply to all TDY lengths. For example, laundry services are no longer reimbursable following the change to policy.

Full article HERE at military.com.

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  2. Military service members don’t commonly vote for Democratic Party candidates. I think that’s the point that’s being made here.

    The Democrats hope that wetbacks/illegal aliens/undocumented persons will vote for their benefactors, and they will receive generous allotments.

    That’s how it rolls in Chicago – and in DC.

  3. Hey Old NFO,

    It is just the Military getting the short end of the stick…and the funding for the F35 white elephant continues…….

  4. ‘Back in the day”, mid-sixty’s our (USAF) TDY pay was $1 per day. We were paid mileage @ 6 cents per mile, and when we were luck enough to get per diem, it was $16 per day.

  5. Well, when a President puts illegals before the various unemployed American minorities who gave him the most support, it’s pretty clear that there was never a chance he’d put vets before illegals.

  6. MJM- Thanks!

    LL- Too true… dammit

    Bob- Exactly!!!

    WSF/Buck- Yep, we REALLY need a snark font… sigh

    Woody- I didn’t get in until the early 70’s but ours wasn’t much better…

    Rev- Yes they do!

    Randy- You DO have a point… dammit…

  7. I know you could always make a little money on TDY if you tried to go cheap, but the amounts for each area were supposed to be calculated for that area.
    Did the value of the dollar just rise tremendously?

  8. Rick- You’re not the only one…

    Ed- Nope… And unless you don’t eat, you’re NOT making money on per diem these days (or for the last 10-12 years)

  9. When I was stationed in Napoli in 59-63 they would give us a flat rate of $52 for a 10day RON. I used to sleep in the plane, eat in the workman’s restaurant under the terminal, bath behind the line shack, a faucet, and take the rest of my $$$ and go imbibe a LOT of liquid refreshments!!