Old School…

When I was out in Texas, I got ‘poked’ by AEpilot Jim about liking to shoot revolvers, and the ‘rationale’ for one handed shooting. He proceeded to ‘demonstrate’ the correct way by simulating holding a horse…

NOT the thing to do when I have a loaded pistol in my hand… I was doubled up laughing for probably a minute, but I kept the pistol pointed down range…LOL

Anyhoo… It prompted this memory dump from the family safe…

One of these is not like the others…

As usual, clicken to embiggen…

Old Colts

IF you guessed the bottom one, you would be correct…

The top one is an 1896 Colt Frontier Six Shooter in 44-40, unrestored and matching numbers…


96 left

Pat. Mark (Yeah, it’s a rough old pistol)

96 Pat mark


96 right

According to Grandpa, this was carried by HIS daddy to match the 73 Winchester caliber so he only had to pack one caliber. This was apparently a second pistol to replace one (No idea where the first pistol went).

The middle one is a 1904 SAA (all matching numbers) that has been restored. It’s not Turnbull quality, but it was affordable. And yes, the barrel has been replaced it was pretty much a smooth bore. This is the first pistol I ever shot…


04 left

Pat. Mark (the rampant Colt is almost worn off)



04 right

Actually I think Great-Grandpa ‘probably’ had his horses well enough trained they could be shot from, over, or drop reined without having to worry about it… Smile

If only the old guns could talk… Sigh…


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  1. No Colt revolvers in the gun safe, my first Colt pistol was (and is) a Mk IV Model 70 bought through the Forrestal Rod and Gun Club during my first Med in ’74.

    And your mention of guns and horses brought back memories.

    My father was born and raised in El Paso, he stayed there until being drafted into the Army just prior to the start of WWII. Among the many stories I wish I had paid more attention to were his trips to Fort Bliss as a child and watching the cavalry ride through the pistol course at a good rate of speed. He said the targets were on the left and the right and very rarely the rapid transition from side to side while at speed on horseback ended up with a horse dead from cranial gunshot trauma.

    He also told of the large amounts of fertilizer a cavalry post generated.

    One of his growing up guns was a Colt double action revolver, from his description it might have been a Colt Thunderer, and no, I only wish I had it today.

    Thanks for making me smile and think of my father.

    John in Philly

  2. Those are some handsome pistols. And then there’s this: “If only the old guns could talk… Sigh…” OTOH, I’m VERY glad some things CAN’T talk. Like dogs. 🙂

  3. Actually I think Great-Grandpa ‘probably’ had his horses well enough trained they could be shot from, over, or drop reined without having to worry about it… Smile

    If only the old guns could talk… Sigh…

    My father had a horse that wouls stand right behind him while my father was shooting. My father claimed the beast was calling his shots. Wanted the hunting trip over so the could go back to the barn.

  4. Old handguns are like fine old wine. They have a sense of context with the past that we can’t match today.

  5. Great-Grandpa Eli fought in the Great War, and came back with a commission and an issued -1911. The Army took his bars away (he was functionally illiterate) but he kept his -1911. When Governor Dorsey heard that one of his militamen had been screwed by the Yankee War Dept., he fixed it to where Great-Grandpa would the county election for Sheriff.

    For eight years he carried said -1911 under his arm and his Daddy’s -1873 in .45 Colt on his belt.

  6. I like the restored one. All three really.

    Gets me thinking, Christmas is coming… . I haven’t made a new purchase anytime recently… . That post puts me in a charitable mood for me. Wonder how I could wrangle my own without the better half realizing. Maybe walk in the house with it backwards. If she sees me.. pretend I was only leaving with it…. . 🙂

  7. Hey old NFO;

    I have old rifles…not old pistols…Wish i did, but oh well. I do prefer “wheelguns” to semi’s Don’t get me wrong, when I carry, it is a seni…but there is something cool about a revolver. Next time I “do” a range, I will include some pics, I have a few wheelguns that need to be run…And thanks for the story:)

  8. Buck- Probably true too… LOL

    WSF- LOL, they DO like the barn…

    Tim- Thanks!

    Rev- These aren’t for sale! 🙂

    LL- Very True!

    SPE- Great story too! 🙂 Hopefully you have both of them.

    FGB- IF it works… It ain’t wrong… 😀

    drjim- They are one handed guns, not meant to be shot two handed…

    Bob- Thanks!

    keads- Yep!

  9. When I was gold-mining up in the Trinity Alps (and later down in Colorado) we packed everything in on horses, and I carried a K22 loaned by my Boss for rattlers. Shooting off horseback is even harder than just holding one and shootin’ – they move around some, either way.

  10. Sweet brace of Pistoleros! When I was gold-mining up in the Trinity Alps I had a K-22 on my hip, loaned by my boss for shootin’ rattlers. We packed everything on a horse and a mule, and when shooting from horseback – well that’s something because you tend to be close to the horses’ ears and they move around a bunch…

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