What’s next…

Hagel gone, ‘fired’ according to administration sources.  Supposedly the ‘back story’ is that he wasn’t a team player. He tried to do the right things, not the PC things the administration wanted…  SJW are pushing for a female as the next SECDEF.

Ferguson grand jury out, no bill on Wilson and a very detailed statement from the DA.

One can only feel sadness for the Brown family, but it seems the evidence presented to the grand jury doesn’t support charging Wilson.  The family did come out and ask for peaceful protest, no violence and for police to have body cameras (which I agree with).

Media is fanning the flames… Gee, what a surprise… And every attack monger is out there fanning the flames too!

And BO just had to jump in… And of course he jumped in on the family’s side… Nothing about people taking responsibility for their actions, but statements on how the police need to control themselves in the face of ‘peaceful’ protests…

Meanwhile on split screen the protesters were throwing rocks and bottles at the police in Ferguson, and shots were apparently fired from the crowd too, and something was set on fire there.  Police were responding with tear gas and moving to clear the crowd…

BUT… It did knock BO’s immigration crap off the front page…


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  1. He tried to do the right things, not the PC things the administration wanted…

    HAHAHAHA!! He did EVERYTHING they wanted. He would have done even more if they had asked. And don’t count on the Generals for pushback either. They are 90% liberals at the core.

    He got fired because he didn’t like 30 year old know-it-all White House staffers treating him like the hired help.

    I am finding it humorous that his getting fired suddenly makes him “on our side”. he was hand-picked by Obama to take over. He is only getting fired because he is not “one of them”.

    The woman they are considering actually has more experience in DoD than Hagel did, so no loss there. I’m hoping Carter gets it. Of course, he could always pick another former congressman or senator. There are more than a handfull of them looking for jobs next month. Haha.

  2. The cynic in me says knocking BO’s immigration crap off the front page before Thanksgiving dinner conversations was the purpose of fanning the flames.

  3. “SJW are pushing for a female as the next SECDEF”

    Michele Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy … “key architect” of President Obama’s national security policy … In 2012, she stepped down from her Defense Department position to become a national security adviser on Obama’s re-election campaign

    She sounds qualified…

  4. Ferguson has been a zoo for the last 20 years, give or take, ever since the “takers” outnumbered the “makers”. I have family and friends who must drive to or through Ferguson to make deliveries, and they’ve both been told to stay away.

    A line of bulldozers at one side, driving steadily to the other, wouldn’t be amiss.

  5. The people in Fergusson were there to riot no matter the verdict. It’s what they do. Same thing if the Bulls win or if the Bulls lose at basketball. What was that movie where Charlton Heston traveled forward in time and the place had changed…and everyone looked like Michelle Obama? Anyway, you get my point. Cameras on cops won’t change anything. They’ll only claim that it was photoshopped when it doesn’t fit their narrative.

  6. I’m a little concerned that it seems like “journalists” are walking around the area seemingly with a camera and a rock. The camera is to catch people out of control and destroying things. The rock is to help it along.

    Sad for the Brown family that lost a child.

    Good that a grand jury weighed in on the facts and testimony of the actual case (and not the unsourced my brother’s cousin’s former roommate told me stuff).

    There will always be people who want to try cases based on emotion and not facts. It is our job as Americans to ensure that doesn’t happen.

  7. Odssyeus/WSF- I can only agree…

    Buck- Yep, and most if not all the businesses burned last night were black owned… Nothing like taking care of your ‘brothers’ there…

    Tim- In who’s eyes… Oh never mind.

    Rev- That may be the option after they get through burning…

    LL- Yeah, you’re right!

    Joe- Good points all!

  8. Of course The Ayatollah said nothing about personal responsibility. He never, repeat NEVER, takes personal responsibility for anything that shows him in a bad light. But if something good happens that he is even remotely involved in, he takes all the credit. A good example here in bin Laden getting taken out. The SEALS got him, but, to hear The Ayatollah tell it, he is the one who actually pulled the trigger

  9. I feel no sadness whatsoever for the family of the THUG. They raised him to be the person he turned out to be.
    As far as the “peaceful protests”….
    any business owners that suffer from these protests, well, they should have been ready for it. They have had 3 months to prepare for it, they knew it was coming.