It’s apparently okay to ‘train’ US military people in ‘enhanced interrogation’ by doing the following to them in SERE school:

Abdominal slaps

Attention grasps

Cramped confinement

Dietary manipulation

Facial holds

Facial slap/insult slap

Stress positions

Sleep deprivation

Wall standing



Water dousing

But it’s not okay to make them get nude…

But doing ANY of these (including nudity) to real terrorists is TORTURE???


And the ‘executive summary’ runs 500+ pages?  And the FULL report is 6000+?

But it seems a number of actual people in charge were never even questioned, and this was pushed almost exclusively by Feinstein’s committee.

I know I’m a dumb ol’ country boy, but I smell something fishy here…

And if it’s really torture, are those of us that were forced to endure this in training going to be compensated???


Personally, I’m about to the point that I believe this was released as a pre-emptive strike against any Pubs for 2016…


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  1. Now the moslems know that we don’t even treat enemy combatants and saboteurs as well as they treat their wives and daughters!

    No genital mutilation, no stonings and no beheadings.

    We’re pikers compared to islam’s best and brightest.

  2. The av8ors got off lucky in SERE compared to the snake eaters, who those bastards delighted in F*ing with. If you wore a Budweiser, they held you to a different standard.

    I think that all CONGRESSIONAL delegations should go through SERE — just in case they’re captured and they are in possession of classified info. I would pay a lot of cash to take Feinstein on an extended tour at Warner… Just saying’…

  3. It seems to me that releasing information that could put our operatives, civilian and military people in danger should be an act of treason. Fifty or sixty years ago, maybe. Now the traitor is revered. And it is from a vindictive bitch who lost her job. Hell yes it is political.

  4. It is not necessary to use EIT to get most Congress-Critters to spill the beans, classified or otherwise…just stick a camera in their faces.

  5. +1 to all the above.

    If we really want to torture those a**holes we should make them live a week with my ex-wife…

  6. Hey OldNFO;

    I look at it being sour grapes, she got pissed that with the Pub’s winning the senate, she will lose a lot of prestige that she has. This is being true to her liberal roots, and yes she should be tried for endangering American lives, but there is a double standard for the elitist and everybody else.

  7. The report was released:
    1) To distract from Jonathan Gruber’s (“The American public is stupid.”) hearing testimony. Not that the Networks would have given the issue any airtime.
    2) To give ’16 Dem. candidates a club to beat GOP opponents.
    3) Provide aid and comfort to the enemy.

    Got rope?

  8. All- Thanks for the comments. LL, we went through a week after you guys… 🙁

    Posted from my iPhone.

  9. If we wanted to really torture the clowns we would make the listen to Obama speeches for a week, then the next week watch the View and end up with Rosanne Barr’s screeching of the National Anthem.
    That my friend is real torture.

  10. The Dems won’t be running the committees for a while after this, so it was now or wait ’til next time.
    The Left is itching for human rights or war crimes charges to be filed against Bush, Cheney etc. This’ll help, and if things break their way, the stink will really be rising for the 2016 election season. With Obama (looking very pained) “reluctantly” cooperating with the circus.

  11. It is not necessary to use EIT to get most Congress-Critters to spill the beans, – but it would be OH SO GRATIFYING! And then a car battery and jumper cables, tar and feathers is too good for most of them, and the rest could use a lesson.

  12. I used to be a member of the Peoples Circle Trigon Army and we operated a “detention camp” up in the mountains in northern Maine. Whenever we could convince some of the trespassers in the peoples woods to come visit us for a week or so, we didn’t give a rats ass what rank they professed to be, unless you made the unfortunate confession of being an “Ensign”.After being searched and kicked outside the search shed bollicky bare assed except for boots, they were tossed in the ensign hole, which was filled with water. There they marinated till we could get them into the EIT room.Summers weren’t to bad, but the middle of winter, about two minutes was max time in the hole. Standing in front of your questioner naked and freezing did go a long way toward loosening up the occasional tongue.
    Sleep deprivation, very close confinement, 24 hr a day screeching of the Communist Manifesto, hunger, slaps, pokes, made to crawl everywhere, virtually anything we could think of to reduce a persons self respect, and commitment to his ideals. We were just giving them an “inkling” of what they might have to contend with if they wound up in the hands of the little yellow men in V N. It wasn’t called waterboarding but back in the early 60’s it was a good substitute.