It appears that at least the House realizes that gun banning is STILL the third rail of politics…

From the NRA…

Bipartisan Majority of the U.S. House Opposes Obama Administration’s Ammo Ban

238 Members Sign Letter Opposing Proposed Ban on AR-15 Ammunition

Fairfax, Va. – In an overwhelming show of bipartisan opposition, 238 Members of the U.S. House of Representatives have signed a letter to the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, opposing the Obama Administration’s attempt to ban commonly used ammunition for the most popular rifle in America, the AR-15.  The National Rifle Association worked closely with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) to gather signatures on this critical effort.

“This letter sends a clear message to President Obama that Congress opposes his attempt to use his pen and phone to thwart the will of the American people,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “Obama said he would enact his gun control agenda ‘with or without Congress.’ He is now trying to make good on that promise. The NRA would like to thank Chairman Goodlatte and all who signed the letter for opposing this unconstitutional attack on our Second Amendment freedom.”

The NRA is working with Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on a similar letter of opposition from the U.S. Senate.

To view the letter, along with the Member signatures, click here.


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  1. We have to remember that Barry is a classically trained lawyer, and thinks like a lawyer. He closely reads the statute (in this case the 2nd Ammendment), and looks for ways to parse the original intent.

    Since there is no mention in the 2nd Ammendment anywhere of how to handle ammunition, bullets, casings and magazines, Lawyer Barry proceeds full steam ahead to fiddle with those. His lawyer brain assumes that a reasonable man will agree with him that the Second Ammendment only guarantees the physical machine described as “Arms” and the right to ‘bear’ them. Ol’ Barry will argue until the cows come home that he will defend the right to bear an empty weapon. But once a citizen wants to bear a LOADED weapon, all bets are off.

    Lawyers. They deserve every damn joke ever written about their slimy ways.

  2. Obama did it to “flip off” all of the people in fly-over country who voted for Republican legislators, opposed his moves to “fundamentally transform America”, etc.

    But you have to hand it to Barack, he’s one heck of a firearms and ammo salesman.

  3. After years of non representation by Eric Cantor who would NOT have signed this, I am pleased to see Dave Bratt on the list as #81. This is good news. Now, will they follow up?

  4. Fredd- Hadn’t thought of it that way, but you’re exactly right!

    LL- No question… NONE!

    45ACP- Good question, I hope so!

  5. Hopefully, they won’t stop with signing a letter, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

  6. I usually leave your blog laughing or humored in some way. These things just make me irritable. LMAO. Dang gun control crapola. Pooey.

  7. Now that the news has come out that the rule is already in effect, what is congress going to do about it??????? And how does this effect the ammo that people already have on hand?????

    Did they just make me a felon?? If they did, and I am now a felon, I just about to the point of not caring. And that is a VERY dangerous place.

  8. A Fraternity brother of mine dates the aid to our Senator. He was most interested to hear about the proposed regulation, even he did freak just a little bit when I showed him “actual” AP stuff.

    To quote Major Parks before Midway; “we might get lucky”

  9. A letter of opposition?
    I won’t be satisfied until The House issues Articles of Impeachment.

  10. Hey old NFO;

    Obungler will just blow off congress….they ain’t gonna impeach him. They are just running off window dressing to reassure their constituents that they are going to repeal this latest Obama action….He is sticking it to the “bitter clinger” who havn’t seen the light of the socialist utopia. or am I just cynical…?

  11. Drifter- One hopes!

    Fargo- Sorry! But this is important…

    Rick- You and me both.

    SPE- You do know it’s NOT AP, it doesn’t meet the letter of the law…

    Stretch- That would be nice too!

    Bob- Yes and yes… And YES!!! Join the crowd!

  12. *banging head against wall* Yes, yes, and yes. And of course He will use his pen, to further his agenda. Dang it. I just don’t know what to say fellas. This executive action means nothing, is completely political, and sucks.

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