Pothole Hell…

Alternate title, slaloming to work…

It’s pothole season in Northern Virginia… The freeze thaw cycle has popped most of the fall repairs out of the streets, and the ones the freeze didn’t get, the plows did…

Yesterday morning was more interesting than usual… I went in fairly early, so I was mostly driving on ice and sand (Oh yeah, Arlington Co. ran out of salt). So it was bumpy but survivable. Coming home in the afternoon was a different story!

It was a slalom from the git-go… And I watched two taxis hit each other trying to dodge potholes in their lanes so they honked at each other, and bang… LOL How’s that horn working out for ya now?

So I get on a main drag and the speed picks up a bit, and I’m trying NOT to get run over and still miss most of the ‘big’ holes, and I see a Ram 3500 literally BOUNCE up in the air! He immediately slammed on his brakes and pulled over and I slid over a lane really quickly. And Audi started zipping past me and he bounced up! I seriously think that pothole was at least a foot and a half across and probably 8-10 inches deep! There were five cars plus the Ram, plus the Audi all on the side of the road with either one or two blown tires on the right side!!!

I started counting at that point, since I could ‘kinda’ see them and counted 61 potholes in the last three miles home… Sigh…

Next week is really gonna suck!

I needed an alignment anyway, guess I’ll wait till they fix at least SOME of these damn things…

I think the better term at this point is POTHELL!!!

Be careful out there, they ARE out to get ya!!!


Pothole Hell… — 19 Comments

  1. For retirement location, for climate I would suggest San Diego. But there are two things wrong with that. Mexico and California. On the other hand, all places have their good and bad points. But the South is the best bet.

  2. I was thinking the same thing – can’t you “retire” to a nice warm state and work as you please there? Its nice here on the gulf coast…. .

  3. LL- That’s the plan…

    CP- Only problem is half my guns are illegal in Commiefornia

    Brian- Heard that! Sigh…

  4. That’s a big ‘un. Congrats on getting home without damage to your own vehicle.

    Hawaii’s sounding better all the time.

  5. Yep, going to be interesting here as well. Can’t wait until the field work begins here . . . that can do a real job on county roads in a hurry!

  6. Sent you an invite and pic
    of where you could be…
    Leave that place to the young unwise.

  7. Coffee is about done.
    Time to pull the truck in, warm up the garage and figure out what got damaged to give me that horrible vibration when I go over 80mph.

  8. Kermit- That’s kinda the plan!

    Rev- That it is!

    WSF- And y’all haven’t even started thawing out!

    Bill- OH yeah, THAT does tear up country roads!!! About like oil field equipment!

    Dammit- If only! Damn job keeps screwing with my life… sigh

    Ed- Ouch! Hope it’s nothing major!

  9. Which is why I didn’t buy one of them zippy lil cars when my SUV died. Costs money to tow one of them things out of the bottom of the pothole it dissappeared into.

  10. Oh, it’s just part of the charm of living in the Northeast – chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and potholes. Got one on our street – fortunately, the snow has filled it up so we’re good until the spring thaw.

  11. It’s too cold to ride a motorcycle and you can’t get a street-legal snow-machine. For all the hatred many people express for California, N.VA doesn’t seem much different in many respects except for worse weather. We choose to live below the snow line, but if I want to suffer I can drive up there.

  12. Amateurs. Come on down to Florida. We don’t have many, but when we do it we do it with sinkholes. 🙂

  13. I don’t know what material they are using to fill in potholes nowadays, but whatever it is, they need to replace it – PRONTO! It seems every time it rains, the same old potholes appear right on schedule. Sure does keep the road crews busy (say, you don’t supposed that pothole formula is on purpose … nah!)

    Also – road debris causes more flat tires, so ‘Fix-A-Flat’ shops get more business as well. The flooded curbs sweep the debris back into traffic lanes so be careful when driving on outside lane.