The Grey Man- Changes…

New proof is in!

TGM Changes cover

I went ahead and pulled the trigger (so to speak) after consulting with Tina on the quality of the cover. She’s much happier with this one!

It should go live in 4-5 days. I’ll put the Kindle up at the same time. Thank you all for your patience as I worked through the editing and paperwork drill.

I’m not promising you won’t find some errors, and if you do, please email me so that I can fix them. Even with multiple readers, some things slip through editing and proofing.


The Grey Man- Changes… — 10 Comments

  1. Can’t wait! Congratulations. I’ve been trying not to read the excerpts you’ve put here because I want to read the whole thing straight through.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I and my Kindle await…..And will get 2 dead tree versions also.

  3. Are you sure it is not supposed to say Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes?

  4. Congrats Jim….It’s on Amazon now,(the tree version). So excited to read the latest in the series!
    I honestly don’t know how you make the time for all this, but I’m damn glad you do!

  5. All- Apparently the author IS the last one to know… It’s live! Thanks Kenny/Dammit… sigh

  6. I will let my library know tomorrow to order this one immediately. Loved the other two and looking forward to reading this one.