The Grey Man- Changes…

It’s ALIVE!!!

Apparently the author is the last one to know… Thanks to Uncle Kenny for the update!

It’s live as a paperback now, and hopefully the Kindle version will be live in the next day or so.

You can click the book to go directly to Amazon.

TGM Changes Amazon Cover

And the Kindle version is HERE. Hopefully I’ll get this unscrewed and get them tied to my author page quickly…

Here’s the blurb-

When Texas Deputy Sheriff John Cronin thwarts the Cartel’s plan to get paid to smuggle Muslims across the border, he becomes the target of the Cartel once again.
One try fails, but the cartel isn’t about to give up.

With his granddaughter, Jesse, still recovering from her last run-in with the Cartel and now far away with her Marine husband on a military base, Cronin only has to worry
about the innocents around him. One way or another, this old school law man plans to end this cat and mouse game for good.

But, this time, the Cartel is playing for keeps; ending this war might just cost the old man his life. Either way Cronin plans to go out on his feet, fighting tooth and nail.

Same drill as usual if you want a signed copy- Email me with how many, where to ship it to, and how you want it personalized.  Price will be $15 (sorry about the increase).

I will also be marking down the first two books in Kindle format to $.99 on Tuesday as a thank you to my readers, so if you know somebody that hasn’t got them, let those folks know.



The Grey Man- Changes… — 15 Comments

  1. J.L.,
    first Thank you for a terrific addition to the Novel genre with the Grey Man series. I noticed on thing on the Amazon page though — the last line in the author profile reads “He lives in Northern Virginia, this is his second novel.”
    Might be time to update that to third — so you don’t cost yourself sales! 🙂

    Thanks again,


  2. Nik- Thanks! Fixed it… sigh… So many details, so little time (and surprises trying to get ALL of this coordinated)

  3. YES!!! I’m in for a signed copy. Not sure I have your email address.

  4. Just bought it. Curse you for ensuring that I won’t sleep tonight 🙂

  5. Just finished the kindle version. Another triumph. Don’t want to discuss too much yet due to spoilers.

    Is book #4 ready yet?