A setup???

You tell me!

The security has been ridiculously high for the Pope’s visit to DC the last couple of days. More like the inaugural parades than anything else (apparently the same people are in charge).

BUT, a five year old illegal gets past ALL of the security and gets to give the Pope a letter and a t-shirt on national TV???


I’d love to find out who breached security for her, and who was complicit in allowing this to happen. Murph had a good post on this yesterday, HERE.

I couldn’t help but remember the stories out of Vietnam, where kids would come into the clubs bumming candy or anything else from the soldiers, then popping a grenade and blowing themselves and anyone close up. Muslims have had kids as suicide bombers in the last few years, and I wonder if ‘that’ thought crossed anyone’s mind…

The Pope has said in the past he never wanted to visit America, since it was ‘capitalist’, but now all of a sudden he’s here… And while he’s spouting brotherly love and pretty much toeing the normal Catholic line, he IS  a Jesuit. They have a pretty spotted history in/around the Catholic and other religions, mostly as the attack dogs/intelligence types for the Catholic religion. (note- I’m not Catholic, and have no basis other than historical references for this. Before you say anything about the supposed Jesuit oath, that’s a debunked forgery too.)

He’s apparently appealing to the US to take immigrants, but I haven’t heard whether he wants to include illegals in that group. But I’m betting after the private meetings with BO, that’ll be the ‘stance’ the administration takes…

After all, who’s going to refute it?

the MSM has pretty much been all Pope, all the time, and cynical me is wondering what document dumps the administration has done the past couple of days…

At least one of the dumps was on the OPM hack, HERE.

And apparently the FBI is successfully recovering emails from Hildabeast’s server…

But that story appears to have been well and truly buried…

And Planned Parenthood, the EPA poisoning the river out west, and the possible government shutdown have all been knocked off the front page…

Sigh… Is it 2017 yet?


A setup??? — 12 Comments

  1. It’s pretty obvious that the two-party system is a myth. The ruling mono-party members randomly assign Ds and Rs after their names, but it doesn’t mean anything. Nothing changes, and nothing happens without so-called “bilateral” support. The US has been an oligarchy for decades, but it’s now an open secret.

    Anyone up for a Fiorina/Rubio ticket? Anyone? Bueller?

  2. There are a number of Rs that are conservative.
    I was pro Fiorina, but a friend fas pointed out some lib stuff in her background.
    Boehner is leaving.

  3. I was pro Fiorina.
    Now a friend has pointed me to a lot of problematic stuff in her background, a la Trump.
    A lot of Rs are conservative.
    And Boehner has had enough.

  4. The establishment Republicans have some soul searching to do. Will they convince Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi to change to a Republican so that she can become Speaker of the House again — or do they let the upstart Tea Party types screw up the scam they have going?

  5. That kid and her parents were carefully vetted and the entire transaction was fully choreographed.