“Playing” with the narrative, again…

Interestingly, the shooter in Oregon’s background and ‘social media’ presence is being scrubbed…

BO jumped out there early, before anything was known, and now the MSM and everyone except the sheriff out there is crawfishing to try to make the ‘narrative’ line up with the expectations of the administration…

Conservative Tree House has been tracking this from the git go, and has found some interesting things. Go HERE for what they’ve captured being done.

I’m guess BO isn’t going to claim this guy as a son… Even if the background is the same…

CNN did the most egregious, IMHO, changes, once again changing a mixed race individual to ‘white’ in the photo. So now they’ve done this with Zimmerman, the Baltimore cops, and now this turd. Think they might have an agenda???

I sure has hell do!

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, where I had data from the WAPO, I was sent THIS link to CPRC, which actually refutes not only the WAPO article and links, but also the narrative BO and the administration are pushing…

h/t Frito

And speaking of playing with the narrative…

double standard

Because Hillary… Grrrr…


“Playing” with the narrative, again… — 8 Comments

  1. The General was stupid. Didn’t he know pillow-talk was frowned upon by the intelligence community?
    Ms. Clinton OTOH is EVIL. Being fired at the start of her career by the Watergate Committee for being dishonest and unethical shou;d say something.
    Leopards – spots – something…


  2. The General is not unlike Clinton. Both are hawks, both were for the Iraq War (unlike Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan, real patriots.)
    Petraeus surge did NOt work, as Sunni and Shia were not reconciled, a prerequisite, and violence had been reduced, but not by that much.
    Petraeus wants, as Clinton to get the US more deeply involved in Syria-on the wrong side of course, but this all is in line with the US funding jihadists to take out the Russians from Afghanistan.
    If you are still pushing for intervention in the Mideast prepare for even worse defeats than Iraq (which is now in Iran and Russia’s camp.) Karma perhaps?

  3. gfa- Yeah, spots… sigh

    Ken- I could give a shit less about the whole middle east. They can rot on their own time as far as I’m concerned. The ONLY point I was making was that there IS a double standard re the Clintons or any of us. If we had done what it’s apparent she did with the classified on uncleared circuits/servers, we would ALREADY be in jail.

  4. If the shooter in Oregon would have been white instead of black, there would have been an excoriation of white people. As it is, the matter isn’t mentioned.

    And 60 murders a month in Chicago could be ghost murders as far as the mainstream media is concerned.

  5. I’m proud of that Sheriff in Oregon. He, too, could have made some political hay by dancing in the blood of the dead. It is worth restating that politicians who cry loudest for “gun control” are interested only in CONTROL. It is so much easier to control unarmed peasants.

    I don’t know which are more despicable:
    1) Public office holders with a burning need to ensure their own safety while they deprive individuals of their rights, or
    2)the timid ones who actually fear to be free and who WANT to be subject to the whims of overlords.